An Interview with Ellen Dugan

1. Protection magick is a hot-button topic; why did you decide to tackle this subject?

I have always found it frustrating that there was very little practical information on this subject. It was also a magickal topic that I had wanted to sink my teeth into for a long time. I thought it would be interesting to do a protection magick book (the new Practical Protection Magick) from a woman’s perspective, as most protection magick books are, in fact, written by men. I felt it was time to tackle this topic honestly, with some humor and real life situations. I am honest. Brutally so. And if there were ever a topic that demanded honesty, it's this one. It's time to be realistic about protection magick; there is nothing more frustrating than to need good magickal information and then to be condescended to. I wrote Practical Protection Magick so readers could get some good, no-nonsense information about hexes, ghosts, curses, psychic attacks, and emotional and psychic vampirism. This book will teach them how to work from a neutral place, and with integrity. And most importantly, without fear, allowing them to deal with any type of magickal problem both quickly and effectively.

2. What is "protection magick," from your perspective?

Protection magick is the practice of spell craft or other psychic techniques that ward, guard, shelter, or defend you from negative energy, emotional manipulation, psychic attack, psychic vampirism, and baneful magicks. Protection magick is also a sort of psychic/magickal lifestyle. It is a way to become aware of the energies and magicks that swirl through your life.

3. What is the most common way people experience magickal or psychic attacks?

At first they may notice that something just feels "off." It may then begin to manifest in many various ways, usually on a psychic level first (which is why it is smart to know what your psychic strengths and weaknesses are). I cover this particular topic in detail in Chapters One and Two of Practical Protection Magick.

4. Practical Protection Magick is a departure from your previous titles dealing with Natural Witchery. What was the biggest challenge for you while writing this book?

It’s not really a departure. The working title for the book was actually A Darker Shade of Witchery. Truthfully, Magick or Witchery has many facets. In all of my other books I have protection spells and magick that deflects or neutralizes. This time I took it out of the context of strictly herbal and green magick.

My biggest challenge in writing this book? Being strong and tough without sounding bitchy. Oh, and reining myself in, humor-wise.I did not want to get too sarcastic or snarky! (People who know me will be laughing hysterically right about now…)

5. What do you hope your readers will take away from Practical Protection Magick?

Information, empowerment, and hope, and maybe a good laugh or two. This is not the time to be afraid; this is the time to dig in, do the work, and learn another side to your Craft. It is not only your right to defend yourself, it is also your duty. So let’s get started!

About Ellen Dugan

Ellen Dugan is the award-winning author of fifteen books, and is known as the "Garden Witch". A psychic-clairvoyant, she has been a practicing Witch for over thirty years. Well known for her candor and humor, she is a Master ...

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