An Interview with Sherrie Dillard

1. Your new book is Sacred Signs & Symbols. What inspired you to write it?

I have a great love of sacred signs and synchronicities. They can be comforting, enlightening, guide us into our highest good, and, at the same time, be a puzzling mystery. They remind us of the playfulness and devotion of a greater love and wisdom that is always with us.

I have also been fascinated by divination systems, such as the tarot and the runes, and for a long time it has been my wish to create a method to better communicate with the unseen and receive higher guidance. Through a series of synchronicities I was led to the realization that we can invoke sacred signs and use them to receive guidance and insight in our daily life.

2. From where do these signs, synchronicities, and symbols come?

The universe and unseen are always communicating with us. Sacred signs and synchronicities are one of the ways that they send us messages and let us know that they are close. Most sacred signs come to us by way of our loved ones on the other side, angels, spirit beings, and the divine presence. However, our higher self and animal and plant spirits can also send us messages through signs.

3. Your previous books, like Develop Your Medical Intuition and Discover Your Psychic Type, have focused on our intuitive and psychic abilities. How do these abilities aid us in recognizing and deciphering sacred signs?

Everyone receives signs, even if they are not aware of them. Most of the time all it takes to become aware of sacred signs is the intent and desire to receive them. We can be alerted to the presence of a sign or synchronicity through an intuitive inner sense of knowing or through feelings of love and the sensation of our heart opening. We might also become aware of a sign through an intuitive gut awareness, tingling of energy moving up our spine or the hair on our arms standing up.

Similar to intuitive and psychic receptivity, sacred signs are a form of dialogue and communication with the non-physical. Although they show up and are expressed through the material and natural world, signs are non-logical and appeal to our intuitive awareness.

When we approach sacred signs with the same kind of inner listening and receptivity of intuitive awareness, we are better able to become aware of who or what sent them our way and understand their message. However, it is not essential to be a skilled intuitive to notice and understand the message of a sacred sign.

4. In Sacred Signs & Symbols, you present the concept of a personal Sign Oracle. What exactly is a Sign Oracle?

Sacred signs and synchronicities seem to occur randomly and by chance. Although we may recognize them, we might not always understand their meaning or know what area of our life they may be related to. The sign oracle is a method of working with sacred signs to receive general or specific guidance and insight. It begins with invoking signs through a sign casting exercise. The signs are then placed in a divination spread similar to those used with the tarot cards or runes. From the extensive sign glossary, which includes signs found in nature and residential and urban areas, the meaning and message is then interpreted.

There are variations of the sign oracle that can be tailored to an individual's specific needs, available time, and who or what spirit being is being invoked.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from Sacred Signs & Symbols?

In this book, I wanted to help others to become more comfortable with sacred signs, and increase their ability to understand them. Whether their interest is in communicating with a loved ones on the other side, communicating with a higher power and presence, or seeking guidance in their everyday life, my hope is that using sacred signs is simple, natural, and fun.

In this material-minded world, it is not always easy to tune into and receive the supportive, loving guidance of the unseen and spirit realm. Becoming aware of sacred signs and understanding their meaning and message is a way to reconnect with divine source and the wisdom of the universe.

About Sherrie Dillard

Sherrie Dillard (Durham, North Carolina) has been a professional psychic, medium, and therapist for over thirty years and she has given over 50,000 readings worldwide. She has taught intuition development at Duke University ...

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