An Interview with Sara Wiseman

1. The title of your new book is Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive & Spiritually Gifted Kids of All Ages. What brought you to this topic? Do you have an intuitive child of your own?
I’m mom to four kids, and they’re all intuitive and/or spiritually gifted. However, it took me a while to figure this out! I’m what I term an "adult emergent" psychic, which means that I wasn’t aware of my own intuitive abilities until adulthood, when they very suddenly just "opened." Think of a car going from zero to ninety in six seconds—that’s pretty much what it felt like: exciting, exhilarating, confusing, and not particularly comfortable!

It wasn’t until after my own abilities became "open" that I was able to see that my kids had these abilities as well, and as I started looking around, I realized that so did just about every child I met! This was fascinating to me, and I began research on Indigo kids and some of the other categories identified more recently. I soon found that even though this information was fairly new, in my own experience, much of it no longer seemed to apply. We’ve moved so quickly forward, in the space of only a few decades!

It’s an exciting time, and these new kids who are showing up are phenomenal—born psychics, born spiritually aware, remarkably well-grounded, and ready to use their abilities for good. It’s not just a few—it’s the majority of the children of today, especially those who have the luxury of being born into a country or place with adequate health and safety. To me, it marks a whole new evolutionary stage or mark for humanity—and I think we’d all agree, it’s arriving just in time!

2. It’s been said that all children are born with inherent psychic awareness, but that we often lose these skills as we age and as we learn of society’s dismissal of such gifts. Do you feel that this is the case?
No, I don’t think we lose these skills, but I do think we can block or repress them. Psychic abilities require high vibration—it’s a requirement, sort of like a car requires gas or electricity to power it. Without a high vibration, it’s pretty much impossible to do psychic or spiritual work. If, as children, we are nurtured and mentored as our psychic and spiritual abilities open, our vibration remains high, and our abilities flourish. If we are ridiculed or antagonized, we shut down.

In addition, the openness that comes from living as an intuitive being can be emotionally overwhelming. It’s not just about seeing departed spirits—most kids have an easy time with this. But sometimes, psychic kids see other situations that they don’t have the depth or maturity to deal with easily. Sometimes, seeing something too young, without proper adult mentoring, can cause kids to shut down.

While Your Psychic Child is about psychic kids, it’s very easy to become psychic as an adult. In general, all it takes to open the particular "window" of psychic and spiritual intelligence again, at any age, is simply the willingness to open that window. When I work with adult clients, the first thing we look at is fear from the past. Within one or two sessions, most clients can immediately open their abilities. As I explain in the book, once you know what to expect and how things work in the etheric realms, it’s not particularly difficult to learn how.

3. How can you recognize psychic gifts in a child?
Emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness are clear signs of giftedness in a child. Other signs are creativity and right brain thinking. Of course, if you’re dealing with a three-year-old, they may be too young to track this way! Remember, psychic giftedness is different for each child—most kids tend to "cluster" in one or a few areas. Visual kids tend to be clairvoyant. Writers and talkers tend to be clairaudient, channels, or channeled writers. Sensitive kids tend to be mediums and spiritually gifted. And so forth. Understanding how these gifts present helps you support your child as a whole person.

4. Why do you believe it is good (or even necessary) to foster psychic abilities in such children?
Being psychic and spiritually gifted is what most kids today ARE. The more we know ourselves, the more we can mentor them—opening the way for them to proceed in love and light. We ourselves recall what it can be like to have abilities that are blocked or repressed; we don’t need to do this to our children!

Much of my impetus for writing Your Psychic Child came from the spiritual teachings that I received from my guides in channeled writing; over and over they say that this new group of kids is a new stage in evolution—they are lighter, brighter than we are. Whatever we can do to help these new generations, will only help all of us as a human race. These writings are included in the book.

5. You wrote your book Writing the Divine: How to Use Channeling for Soul Growth & Healing after a spiritual awakening in 2008. What was this spiritual awakening?
I was quite the reluctant medium! I had my first visit from spirit guides in 2004; however, I was so overwhelmed by this experience, I "asked" them to stop showing up! Four years later, in 2008, new spirit guides arrived, and I received The 33 Lessons in channeled writing over a period of several months—about 120 pages of intensive spiritual teachings that begin, "The purpose of life is soul growth." These are part of my first book, Writing the Divine.

During the process of receiving these lessons, my psychic abilities fully opened, all at once—as my vibration raised, everything awakened. What I have learned since then is that psychic opening and spiritual awakening are fully intertwined—if not the exact same thing. One path leads to another, and vice versa.

6. What advice do you give those looking to develop psychic abilities and intuition, whether in themselves or their children?
Psychic abilities and spiritual giftedness are not for a chosen few—they are Who We Are. If you’d like to learn yourself, read, practice, and find a teacher who is modern, grounded, and fun! I offer training for adults in person and by distance; most people can learn in a session or two. For information, visit

In general, for both your children and yourself, be wary of older, complicated methods that have a darker vibration. I personally work only with the mind, rarely using pendulums, tarot, crystals, and so forth, although I know others who work in these areas successfully. We’ve evolved to a lighter, brighter place, and many of the old methods don’t serve anymore. Finally, whenever you or your child is doing this work, trust your gut. You both should feel safe, joyful, and Divine—filled with love at all times.

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