An Interview with Lexa Olick

1. Your new book is Witchy Crafts. What inspired you to write a book about crafting, let alone crafts geared toward a "witchy" audience?

There are surprisingly not a lot of witchy crafts out there. If you're lucky enough to find some, they're usually in the realm of candles, incense, or smudge wands. Those are great projects; once you learn how to make them, you'll be making them for the rest of your life! They are extremely useful. However, once you learn the basic crafts, your fingers are itching to create more. In Witchy Crafts, the reader learns how to take everyday crafts and alter them to suit their lifestyle.

2. The sixty projects included in the book span various art techniques and implement various magical items and knowledge. Does a reader need to be particularly crafty or witchy to use the book?

Absolutely not. The introductory chapters include instructions on basic craft techniques, such as crocheting, sculpting, sewing, painting, and drying herbs. If someone is not particularly crafty, they can always refer to the beginning chapters for help. As for witchy, it does help but it is not mandatory. Someone who is Wiccan will appreciate the use of a Woven Tarot Bag or a Magic Wand. However, the crafts are not so far into the realm of magic that they couldn't be used by everyone. Many people enjoy burning candles, even if it's not for a ritual purpose and the Woven Tarot Bag can be used as a pouch. If someone is not witchy, they might be interested in the history behind the craft projects. In Part 1 of Witchy Crafts, I explain how different craft projects relate to each month of the year. Overall, it's a very informative book that's not just about craft instructions.

3. Do the craft projects include any magical imbuement, such as correspondences or rituals?

Certain projects do revolve around spells, such as the Tangled Spell Candle and the Garden Spell Box. However, all projects have the potential to relate to a certain ritual. The appendix of Witchy Crafts offers guides to alter crafts by choosing the correct colors, crystals, herbs, metals, and runes. Hopefully, by using this guide, readers can alter any crafts they ever come across in their future to suit their needs.

4. What do you hope readers will gain from Witchy Crafts?

Honestly, I hope they will gain some self-confidence. It sounds cheesy, but when it comes to craft books people tend to feel tied down to a specific set of instructions. With most craft books, that can be restrictive. With Witchy Crafts, it is a craft book that offers plenty of suggestions to alter projects and even includes charts that are easy to navigate through. The charts explain how colors, herbs, or symbols can change a project. Each project can be altered to fit every person’s tastes. I want people to be free to experiment. After all, these are craft projects for the readers to make for their own personal use. I want people to experiment without fear of consequence.

About Lexa Olick

Lexa Olick (Buffalo, NY) has been crafting for over twenty years, creating artwork through knitting, crochet, felting, ceramics, sewing, decoupage, and much more. She is also a gifted writer (having received numerous awards ...