An Interview with Alexandra Chauran

1. Your many books have spanned quite a few topics, from crystal ball reading to feng shui to compassion. What inspired you to write your latest book, 365 Ways to Strengthen Your Spirituality?

I was inspired to write a book about developing spirituality because I had begun mentoring potential spiritual students. As a Wiccan, I spend a year and a day (or more) with potential students before initiating and training them. I wished that I had some sort of curriculum to spend that year and a day more wisely, so I wrote my own. Concurrently, I was trying to help some loved ones who struggle with prayer become more comfortable with the spirituality they craved. I kept those loved ones in mind as I wrote about ways to overcome feeling silly when trying to get spiritual.

2. How do you define spirituality? Is it something we all experience in unique ways, or do you identify it more with a codified belief system?

I believe that plenty of people can be spiritual without any sort of religious label. Many people are hungry for spirituality, even if they identify as agnostic. I tried to make my book accessible to people of all belief systems, from die-hard baptized or initiated folks, to curious seekers.

3. Why is it important for us to strengthen our connection to the divine?

Not everyone is "hungry" for spirituality. But those who are often suffer without a connection to the divine. Some people may feel fearful, sad, or confused without a connection to spirit. Some people might even try to fill the void with alcoholism, buying excess stuff, or by being obsessed with work or a relationship. For this reason, I believe that faith can help many people become more resilient, confident, and fulfilled.

4. The book includes 365 practices designed to take just a few moments each day. How can only a few moments produce such powerful results?

It's the frequency, not duration of spiritual practice that help beginners form new habits. If you try to jump into spirituality by becoming a monk or otherwise devoting hours of every day to spirituality, you might become burned out if you don't see "results" right away. Doing a little something every day for a long time is a surefire way to prove to yourself that what you're doing is productive.

5. What do you hope readers take away from 365 Ways to Strengthen Your Spirituality?

I hope that readers of my book on spirituality will begin to value the role that simple prayer or other rituals can play in their everyday lives. I also hope my book will be able to guide anyone to have a living relationship with the divine, no matter what form that takes.

About Alexandra Chauran

Dr. Alexandra Chauran, of Port Moody, Canada, received a master's degree in teaching from Seattle University and a doctorate from Valdosta State University. She is the author of dozens of books, including Crystal Ball ...