An Interview with Judith Marshall

1. Your new book is titled, My Conversations with Angels. Have you always been able to communicate with angels? What prompted you to write about these communications?

I've always been sensitive to energy, and I received messages even in childhood, long before I realized what was going on; information and advice just popped into my head "out of the blue." Of course, now I know that much of it came from my angels and guides. I wrote this book to erase some of the question marks about angels, guardians, and guides and to remind readers that spiritual support is available for everyone, 24/7.

2. Is everyone capable of communicating with angels?

Yes. Everyone. It's our spiritual birthright. We've all heard or used the expression, "Something told me..." without realizing the literal truth behind it. Something did tell you, and it was one of the many spirits who surround you. Communication occurs in different ways for different people. One person might hear a guiding, inner voice. Another might be hyper-aware of signs and interpret them through gut instinct. Still others receive clairvoyant images in dreams or the waking world. And when we speak to angels and other spirits—out loud or in our minds—they hear us, regardless of whether or not we sense their presence. Clear reception on our part might require a little patience, but the more we trust the process, the easier the messages flow.

3. Do you draw a distinction between angels and spirit guides?

Yes. Angels are androgynous by nature, and although they can appear in human form, they've never incarnated. Spirit guides have lived human lives, and while they’ve been both male and female in different incarnations, they'll generally appear to you as one specific gender.

4. What do we gain through our conversations with our angels and spirit guides?

So much! They can give us a sense of purpose or a preview of coming attractions. They advise and teach us, and they comfort us in our darkest moments. More than anything, they let us know we're not alone. Their presence is one of the few certainties in this uncertain world.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from My Conversations with Angels?

That each one of us has something special to contribute to the universe or we wouldn't be here! Our angels, guardians, and guides can help us do it. They have our backs and love us unconditionally, now and always.

About Judith Marshall

Judith Marshall (Salem, MA) has a BA in history, an MA in linguistics, and a lifelong passion for the paranormal. Her personal encounters with the spirit world sparked more than twenty-five years of research into spiritual ...