An Interview with Anysia Marcell Kiel

1. Is Discovering the Healer Within a follow-up to your first book, Discovering the Medium Within?

I think so. The first book, Discovering the Medium Within, is about the journey of me embracing my abilities, which I rejected most of my life because of my family and upbringing. My new book, Discovering the Healer Within, is how I use my abilities in helping others to heal themselves.

2. Do you think everyone has the ability to themselves? Does everyone have a hidden healer within?

Yes, I think we all have the ability to heal ourselves and align our energetic fields—we just need to remember how.

3. Why do you think it is important for people to know how to align their energy?

When our energetic fields are aligned, we feel centered and balanced.

4. Many of your chapters include your work and your children, who share the same abilities as you. What is like raising two children with your same abilities?

I see them as true gifts because it was very difficult for me growing up in a family that didn't understand nor support and nurture my abilities. The fact that both Brayden and Briella are like me is comforting and bonds us deeply together. I am happy that they engage their healing and psychic abilities regularly in their lives.

5. Each chapter in Discovering the Healer Within contains an exercise for readers to use at home. Why did you include these exercises?

I really wanted the readers to not only connect to the stories in the chapters but be able to apply the exercises to help heal themselves and improve the overall quality of their lives.

About Anysia Marcell Kiel

Anysia Marcell Kiel, MFA, is a lifelong healing medium who has been able to communicate with spirits since she was a very young child. She is the award-winning author of Discovering the Healer Within: Use Chakras & ...