An Interview with Kristy Robinett

1. Your "Afterlife" book series has been wildly popular. What inspired you to start writing about your communications with the other side?

My motivation for writing the book series was to help bring comfort to those who are grieving their loved ones on the Other Side. The most common question I receive during sessions is, "Can you tell me if my loved one is okay?," so I began asking questions to their loved ones. In essence I was interviewing those on the Other Side to see if they were okay, what their transition was like, and what their afterlife entailed, along with the signs they gave their loved ones to show that they were around. My clients often validate that they receive the signs, but didn't realize what they were or thought they were simply coincidences. The other side of the motivation was that I wanted to share that although I can communicate with spirits, anybody can communicate with their loved ones, too—I don’t have a special psychic superpower. Heaven isn't some faraway place where you will only meet your loved ones when you pass away. Everyone has a direct line to heaven—you just have to learn the right number—and so I've included soul work suggestions to help fine-tune afterlife communication within each of the Afterlife books.

2. You also have a number of books in the series, including the latest release, Tails from the Afterlife, and a forthcoming release (Journey to the Afterlife, due out in August). Do you really have that many encounters with the other side?

I've had experiences with spirit since I was a toddler, and these spirits have a lot to say. I'm blessed to have an amazing clientele (I'm booking 6-12 months out for private sessions) and I work typically 6 days a week, which means a lot of clients and all of their family members. Then nighttime is hardly restful for me because the spirits decide its prime time or them to chat, and I have that, too. That means a lot of stories for a lot of content.

3. Most of us have had a beloved pet cross the Rainbow Bridge. Do we need to believe in an afterlife or spirit communication to read Tails from the Afterlife?

Life is full of opinions. Some are based on wisdom and knowledge, other times experience, and other times based on what others have said and purely taking on whatever belief that is. I think it would be a boring existence to naively believe in everything and anything. The afterlife is one of those highly debatable topics. I share my own experiences, and therefore nobody needs to believe in the afterlife, spirit communication, or me, but an open mind certainly helps to stay objective.

4. Why do animals choose to communicate with their loved ones on this side of the veil?

Our pets give us unconditional love in life, and that love doesn't end when the physical body dies. They communicate with their humans, checking up on them and surrounding them with the same unconditional love.

5. What are some of the ways that the afterlife communicates with us in this realm?

Our loved ones communicate with us in many ways different ways. Some do it through animals, some through music, number sequences, some with coins, and many through visits that some call dreams. There are endless ways that our loved ones can send us their heaven hello utilizing all of our different senses, and our pets utilize similar means.

6. Do we have to contact a psychic or medium to contact the other side?

One of the reasons I wrote the book was to help people realize that they don't need to go to a psychic or medium. Yep, I said it. Nobody needs to wait three years for an appointment or spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for a session; they just need to know the steps to dial the phone to the other side. It may take a few times before their loved one is able to answer, but eventually there will be a connection. At the end of my books I offer suggestions as to how to build the connection.

7. Can we do certain things to help us communicate and commune with the afterlife?
The biggest thing to aid in communication with the other side is to turn off the earthly noise. Put the phone away, turn the computer off, shut off the radio, and just be. It seems that it is the hardest thing to do these days, but it's the key to hearing our loved ones on the other side. Look, we often don't hear our kids yelling, "Mom" or "Dad" a million times, or our spouses telling us this and that, how do you think you are supposed to hear your loved one in heaven? Their voice can be as quiet as a whisper and so the shutdown is imperative and as simple as that, and yet so hard to do.

8. What do you hope your readers will take away from Tails from the Afterlife?

I hope that the reader understands through reading Tails from the Afterlife that love is a powerful energy that bonds people and animals, and animals to people. Just as our human loved ones on the other side give us signs, so do our pets, and they are often in a very similar way. Whether your pet is in this dimension or another, not even the other side can stop that unconditional love and connection.

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