An Interview with Shakta Khalsa

1. Your new book, The Yoga Way to Radiance, focuses on discovering our inner guidance through yoga, and helping our children do the same. What inspired you to write the book?

Ever since I can remember, I've been inspired by the vision of a peaceful world where we live in our true potential as humans. I have been working with parents and teachers for decades, helping them to use natural methods like yoga and mindfulness to handle everyday challenges, so it seemed like an inspirational book that also has practical, natural tools would be a great way to bring health and happiness to more people in the world.

2. Why is yoga so beneficial, both to adults and kids?

I think it is because in yoga, you are working with your own body, your own brain, and your own awareness, and that is where everything starts—all the negative AND all the positive things that we experience come from our own inner source. So yoga helps us to become aware of what we are thinking/doing/feeling, and yoga helps boost our own natural ability to choose happier, more positive ways of living.

3. How is it possible for us to discover our inner guidance through the practice of yoga?

Yoga, when practiced with a sincere heart, brings you to your breath, your intuition, and your natural ability to know yourself. It has been called the science of the Self. Through these ancient understandings and practices, people have found there is a peaceful center from which you can live—one that never changes no matter what storms are swirling around you!

4. You have been named one of the top five Kundalini Yoga teachers in the world by Yoga Journal. What has your yoga journey been like?

I can truly say that the biggest blessing in my life has been the discovery of yoga over forty years ago. It has been my best friend, and has shown me that I am my own best friend as well. I took a yoga class as a college credit back in 1972 and I've never looked back since then.

I love all styles of yoga—I believe there is something for everyone. In 1976, I embraced Kundalini yoga as my path, and am so grateful for its presence all through the joys and challenges of what I consider to be a magical life.

5. Do you need to have yoga experience prior to using the book, or prior to helping children on their yoga path?

Not at all. Parents or teachers can learn right along with the children. In fact, coming with the "beginner's mind" can be preferable to having an idea of what yoga is and then trying to get children to fit the "program." Children play at yoga, and adults can learn how to play right alongside them!

6. What do you hope your readers will take away from The Yoga Way to Radiance?

Self-love, peace from the heart, a knowing that there is a way through every block, and they have all the inner tools to handle any challenge they may face in their own lives, and in relation to these amazing humans we call children.

About Shakta Khalsa

Shakta Khalsa (Sterling, VA) is one of the world’s leading experts on children and yoga, having worked with both since the mid-1970s. She is the founder of Radiant Child Yoga, one of the most well-known training ...