An Interview with Sharon Farber

1. Your new book is Choosing to Be a Medium. What inspired you to write the book?

I was inspired to write Choosing to Be a Medium to dispel the myth that one must have spontaneous interactions with spirit people to be (or become) a medium. I was exposed to mediumship later in life, found it fascinating, and made the choice to study and develop as a medium. I successfully became an accurate and ethical professional medium. People tell me, "I didn't think you could learn to be a medium," and "I thought you had to be born that way." They're surprised and excited to learn that we all have the potential to become mediums. I wrote the book to promote this wonderful healing practice to those who might not have known they could even try.

2. Is it really possible to hone our psychic abilities even if we are not innately gifted with them?

I believe we all have innate psychic abilities, whether or not we're consciously aware of them. For some, these "gifts" are blatant, even if they're not desired, and for others they're subtle and not necessarily acknowledged as psychic. We all have intuition, which is a "knowing"—like having a hunch. When we become conscious of our intuition, and encourage and nurture that part of us, it can blossom into psychic abilities.

Mediumship, which is communicating with loved ones in spirit, is one of many psychic abilities. I believe it's possible to develop intuition and mediumistic abilities, with motivation, help from a competent teacher, study, and practice. I'm not saying it's easy. I worked very hard to develop my skills but believe that if I can do it, you can, too! The key is having the desire.

3. Describe the process of "becoming" a medium.

The process of "becoming" a medium is explained in detail in Choosing to Be a Medium. Here is a brief summary:

  • Experience mediumship as a sitter so you know it's real.
  • Find a mentor or teacher; several if possible!
  • Discover how to quiet your mind so you'll be able to perceive subtle messages.
  • Learn to ground, raise your vibration, and set your intention.
  • Study the different ways to perceive spirit people and their messages.
  • Work with people who can validate that you're connecting with their loved ones.
  • Sit in a mediumship development circle.
  • Practice self-care and create healthy boundaries.
  • Understand the ethics and responsibility of being a medium.
  • Develop your spirituality which includes a love and respect for all beings.
  • Practice!

4. In what ways do our abilities as a medium enhance our lives?

Our lives are enhanced by developing mediumship abilities in many ways. Development increases sensitivity and connection to Spirit, reduces fear of death, and provides support when grieving for deceased loved ones. We gain the ability to offer healing and comfort to embodied people and those in spirit. Did you know that mediumship is helpful to those in spirit also?

5. What do you hope your readers will take away from Choosing to Be a Medium?

I hope my readers will take away the knowledge that they can choose to pursue mediumship, even if they haven't previously connected with anybody in spirit. This exciting path is accessible and can enhance their lives with wonder and growth. Not everyone will choose to be a professional, but the development process, to whatever level it's taken, is magical and healing. I offer mediumship development retreats for beginner and intermediate students who want to delve deeper into the practice of mediumship.

About Sharon Farber

Sharon Farber is a massage therapist, healer, award-winning artist, medium, teacher, and the owner of Dragonfly Healing Arts in Pine Meadow, Connecticut. She gives mediumship readings and demonstrations, facilitates a ...

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