An Interview with Madame Pamita

1. Your new book is The Book of Candle Magic. What inspired you to write it?

As a witch who specializes in making spell candles, teaching spell casting, and doing candle magic, I get questions constantly from people asking me how to do candle spells. I wanted to refer them to a book that would explain candle magic to them, but there was no book out there that I felt was the perfect one. There are some good books on candle magic out there, but the vast majority of them are recipe books listing ingredients and showing you the steps to doing a candle spell without telling you why you are using those ingredients or doing those steps.

What people wanted was a book that could actually teach them the way to design their own candle spell. So, I wrote The Book of Candle Magic and shared all my decades of candle magic experience and every single secret I know about candle spell work with nothing held back. This book takes you from very simple and easy-to-do spells to the most complex multi-candle spells. It's an excellent go-to reference book for candle spell ideas but, if you try the candle spells from the beginning to end, it can be a master class in candle magic spell casting.

2. Why is candle magic so powerful, despite its relative simplicity?

Candle magic can be simple but, if you are ready for an upgrade to your spell work, you can also do candle spells that are quite complex that incorporate timings, colors, layouts, and more. So there is a real range from easy-to-do single candles to beautifully intricate multi-day moving candle spells.

There are so many reasons people who practice magic love candle spells. Candles connect us to our ancestral line. People from the earliest times sensed the magical power of fire. Candles are a beautiful way to bring that ancient fire magic into our daily lives. Another reason candles are so popular is that they give our spells focus. It's also one of a very few forms of magic where we can see transformation happen right in front of us. I also think that it is quite an advantage that candle magic can be done either solo or in groups. Especially now, when we are not able to practice as easily together, it's possible to do a candle spell as a solitary practitioner and create some profoundly positive results. Plus, we can't ignore that it looks and feels so powerfully witchy when you are doing a candle spell. Feeling that sense of empowerment can give a boost to our intentions and spell work.

3. Do readers need any previous magical experience to use the spells, rituals, and practices in the book?

This is a great book for a beginner who is becoming familiar with practical magic but it is also an excellent resource for the adept magician. The information on the different types of spells starts with the very simplest: lighting a single candle. The truth is, if you can light a candle, you can do a spell. This book can help a beginner who doesn't know anything about magic to understand magical principles and also lists ingredients and takes them step-by-step through every different type of candle spell that there is. If you're just beginning to do spells, this book will take you by the hand and break it down for you in ways that make candle magic very accessible.

However, experienced candle witches are going to love referring to this book for new approaches and ideas on doing more high-level spell work. When I come upon a book like this that ranges from basics to advanced workings, I feel so empowered and inspired. It's the perfect place to grow your magical practice.

4. What are your favorite candle magic practices?

I have been very into working with astrological phenomena in my candle spells. Working different candles on different phases of the moon and harnessing the energy of the astrology of the moon and sun at the time I am doing the spell is my favorite way to cast spells right now. Working in this way feels so creative to me. I don't get to decide what phase the moon or what sign the sun is in on any given day, so it’s like the universe and I are having a dialogue. Working with astrology, you have to converse back and forth. For example, is it a Scorpio moon? Then there are certain kinds of spells that make the best use of that Scorpio flavor. In the book, I discuss how to use the energy of the different signs with your candle spells. It's a more complex type of working but totally satisfying and very powerful for someone who loves astrology and the planets.

However, there are simpler elements that I have been consistently fascinated with when working on my candle spells. One of them that I never get tired of is bringing color into spell work. I love to bring in different colored candles to expand the intentions of my spells. I also love adding additional color with my new favorite magical tool: glass glitter! It's so beautiful and much more sparkly (and earth-conscious) than plastic glitter. In the book, I talk about all the ways that you can use color in your spells. It's a topic I never get tired of talking about.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from The Book of Candle Magic?

It is my fondest wish that the people who pick up this book become empowered and inspired to make positive changes in their life through candle magic. These are real spells and powerful secrets that they can use to make their lives the best they can be. We all seek to have better lives for ourselves and our loved ones and magic is a great way to make those needed changes. Candle magic has a beautiful element of focus, immediacy, and beauty. I hope this book inspires a whole new generation of proud, inspired, creative, and powerful candle magicians. I can't wait to see what all of you create!

About Madame Pamita

Madame Pamita is a teacher, candle maker, spellcaster, tarot reader, and a Ukrainian diaspora witch. She is the owner of an online spiritual apothecary called Madame Pamita's Parlour of Wonders. She is the host of a YouTube ...

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