Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sara Wiseman, author of Writing the Divine, Your Psychic Child, and the new Becoming Your Best Self.

At its core, intuition is a spiritual path. That’s what I thought when I first started writing about spiritual intuition… and it’s what firmly believe today.

You see, I’ve been teaching people to walk the path of the spiritual psychic for a while. And while I certainly expected folks to change from this practice, I never fathomed just how much, and how quickly these transformations would happen!

In person, by phone, by Skype, by email—I’ve worked with thousands of folks, and it doesn’t seem to matter what the medium is. Even en masse works, as I lead tens of thousands of subscribers in weekly Divine infusions on my radio show, “Ask Sara.”

There’s just something about this uber high-vibration Divine energy… so that every time we consciously “enter in” to the different levels and layers of the Universe—whether in person or by distance—change and shift and healing happens. Instantaneously. In ways so wonderful, you gotta call ’em miracles.

Now, it’s not about me, or what I do… I’m just the tour guide, here!

But it just makes sense, when you think about it:

  • Walk the intuitive path long enough, you become spiritual.
  • Walk the spiritual path long enough, you become intuitive.
  • Walk either path with an open heart and a willingness to experience direct connection with the Universe—and transformation is a given.

When people begin to work in Divine vibration—that lovely psychic sweet spot where the guides and angels and saints and Holy Ones and other etheric beings hang out—well, energy starts to move.

And oh boy… take a trip to that sweet spot often enough, and you’ll definitely become transformed!

Using the practices of spiritual intuition, I’ve seen clients move from depressed to functional, numb to engaged, lonely to connected.

I’ve seen clients stuck in abusive relationships move into new freedom.

I’ve seen folks who’ve been wounded as kids, heal not only their karma, but their family karma as well.

I’ve seen people who thought they’d never find love find it days after asking the Divine to help.

The Divine is pure light and love, the highest vibration we can access. When we connect at this level, we become illuminated, we become elevated, our hearts open, our souls sing… how could miracles not happen?

And the miracle of it all? It’s so simple. As I teach my students: “Close your eyes, breathe in through the nose, out through the mouth; in through the nose, out through the mouth…” and let the Divine infusion begin.

Our thanks to Sara for her guest post! For more from Sara Wiseman, read her article “Becoming a Spiritual Psychic: The Path to Conscious Awakening.”

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