Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Lynn McKenzie, author of the new Bark, Neigh, Meow.

Our spirit guides are always available to help us in life, and we know we can call on them at any time. But what about our animal companions—either the ones right next to us or the ones that have already crossed over? Each of them has been divinely placed into our lives to impart their wisdom to us; all we need to do is ask them, or in some cases, simply stop and take notice.

When we are attuned to our animal companions and the communication they offer, we open ourselves up to a rewarding realm of possibilities only they can provide. Here are but a few of the ways our lives can be positively affected by the principles that animals and their higher guidance teach us.

  1. Nature and all of life have bountiful gifts to offer us. When we open ourselves up to receiving the teachings and wisdom of our animal companions, we begin to recognize all the gifts that are available to us. Animals have a special connection with nature, and when we link our energy fields to theirs, we have a deeper access to nature as well through that bridge only they can provide.
  2. The circle of life is natural and never stops. Life, death, and rebirth are divinely orchestrated and are a cycle of nature that is inherent to the universe and the forces of Mother Nature. Attuning to the souls of our animal companions gives us a closer look into that cycle since their life spans are considerably shorter than ours, and the connection forges a bond that surpasses even death.
  3. We can connect to the spirit realm and the afterlife. The love that we share with our animal friends does not end with the ending of their physical bodies. Through learning to connect with them more deeply while they’re on this plane, we can learn to also access the spirit realm—to communicate not only with them but with other beings in spirit as well.
  4. Important messages await us. Animals will often go to great lengths to get our attention and deliver a message to us. The more attuned we are to their communication, the more heightened our senses are to their wisdom and the divine guidance they are waiting to share with us.
  5. We can awaken to our psychic, intuitive, and healing gifts with their help. A connection with our animal companions can open us up to deeper spiritual gifts, as animals not only share their gifts with us but help us to awaken our own as well. They are eager to teach us what they know and help us to connect with our higher selves and our inherent gifts.
  6. We can be empowered to be who we’re meant to be. Animals are skilled at guiding us toward our true purpose and calling as well as fulfilling our hopes and dreams. As we allow our bond with them to deepen, they instinctively show us more of who we’re meant to be and the path we are called to take.
  7. We are one, and we are in this together. All beings are connected, and a bond with our animal companions can show or reinforce this as well as comforting us with the knowledge. The interconnectedness of life shows us that we are all connected to something much bigger and greater than ourselves, and our animals are here to guide us in our journey.

Our thanks to Lynn for her guest post! For more from Lynn McKenzie, read her article, “The 6 Spiritual Roles Animals Play in Our Lives.”

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