Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Chanda Parkinson, author of the new Meditations for Psychic Development.

Quieting the mind is a time-honored ritual practice for self-healing and achieving spiritual enlightenment. In addition to the potent effects meditation offers our own health and well being, it also produces the desired physical and emotional state for receiving insights, messages, and guidance through our own psychic abilities. Add breathing techniques or subtle stretching or body movement, and you open a doorway of powerful access to your own inner world, and to the world of spirit.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to meditate. However, it is important to consider a few things before beginning a meditation practice for psychic development: your own temperament, your attention span, how busy your mind is, whether or not you have access to quiet uninterrupted spaces, and if you can commit to a few short sessions per week for a period of time. Progress in psychic skills building depends on consistent periods of time spent calming the mind and body, so your receiving mechanisms can respond to external stimulus coming through your environment and non-ordinary reality. It is an exercise of building over time that activates our third eye and smoothens the rough edges of our unconscious awareness.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before beginning a meditation practice to enhance your own psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

  • What are 3 personal goals for your own psychic development?
  • What sorts of insights do you like to receive?
  • What barriers do you wish to overcome to feeling more connected to your innate gifts?

Here are 3 meditation tips to begin your practice for psychic development:

  • First: Ground, center and protect yourself in whatever way feels appropriate to you. This will ensure the safest path of free exploration. I like meditating with my stones and crystals, clearing my own energy field and my mind before I embark on any psychic receiving.
  • Second: Determine what sort of psychic receiver you are. Do you receive information and insights primarily through feelings (Clairsentient), visions (Clairvoyant), hearing (Clairaudient), or knowing (Claircognizant)? You may be more than one of those—I am! Choose the one or two you feel most strongly about and begin there.
  • Third: Once you know what type of psychic receiver you are, you can best choose from the plethora of meditation techniques and options available to you. Use technology! There are YouTube videos and meditation apps. Galore. Lean towards something you feel drawn to. I recommend soft music or complete silence and quiet relatively dark surroundings for Clairsentients, visualization or shamanic journeying techniques for Clairvoyants, sound or crystal baths or drumming for Clairaudients, and deep active breathing techniques for Claircognizants.

Enjoy the exploration of the mystical psychic development journey you are about to embark upon, and release all expectation. You now have the tips and tools to begin this wonderful adventure.

Our thanks to Chanda for her guest post! For more from Chanda Parkinson, read her article, “Top 10 Benefits of Meditation for Psychic Development.”

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