Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Najah Lightfoot, author of Good Juju and the new Powerful Juju.

Najah Lightfoot

The Witch, Practitioner, Conjurer, Worker, works alone by candlelight. As the spiritual forces of those who have gone before swirl in the mystical ether, the Witch calls upon the power of the Divine Feminine for assistance in spells, rituals, and rites, in deep contemplation before the altar. She/he/they may burn incense, light a cigar, or play powerful music that emboldens them to carry on. They may cast a circle or not, be naked or clothed in beautiful ritual regalia. There may be tears falling on their face or joy in their heart. Either way, this devoted spiritual person has prepared themselves to enter the space of Magick.

Working magick requires time, discipline, and commitment. Many times, when you work magick you are alone. That’s why it is important to have spaces and relationships with your deities whom you can turn to, when times are hard as well as when times are good. Life is a series of ups and downs, celebrations, aggravations, joy, and sorrow. When our hearts are broken, we need our altars, magickal practices, and the power of continuous work to see us through. And when our hearts are joyful, we also need the spaces to celebrate our good works.

Powerful Juju. It is with you with times are bad, as well as when times are good. It is the glue that binds our commitment to our magickal spiritual practices. It is ancient. It is new. It is the revelation you can do magick, and it can be a powerful ally to you.

Our thanks to Najah for her guest post! For more from Najah Lightfoot, read her article, “Powerful Juju Doll Magick.”

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