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Is Enochian Magick for You?

Enochian Magick is but one of many paths to spiritual enlightenment. Because each path is different and has its own unique problems of ascension, each individual must seek the most appropriate path for him or herself. This can only be done by taking logical, dispassionate consideration of the paths available.

Some paths offer spiritual rewards in return for a life of self-denial. Others offer rewards for those who dedicate their lives to serving humankind. Others, like Enochian Magick, require that the individual look deep inside and come to understand his or her true nature. There are no other requirements. What that individual does with their life, once they understand their true nature, is up to the individual. Some will choose to pursue the spiritual world; others will use their new understanding to help humankind. There is no right or wrong choice. Everyone can help further the spiritual advancement of humankind in his or her own way.
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