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Tarot Interpretations of Numbers One Through Nine

The following list gives very basicc meanings for the Tarot cards associated with each of the numbers one through nine.

1 ??"The Magician: Concentration, intention, will

2 ??"The High Priestess: Reflection, receptivity, hidden knowledge

3 ??"The Empress: Imagination, inspiration, spiritual world

4 ??"The Emperor: Reason, order, material world

5 ??"The Hierophant: Intuition, union, bridging of spiritual and material (Heaven and Earth)

6 ??"The Lovers: Decision, discrimination, love

7 ??"The Chariot: Direction, empowerment, secret languages (symbolic)

8 ??"Strength: Energy, exuberance, bliss

9 ??"The Hermit: Summit, attainment, secret teachers
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