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Term: Astral Travel

The experience of moving around through the environments encountered during astral projection. This may include moving at the speed of thought to any location in the physical world, universe, or on the various more ethereal planes of the astral worlds.
See also:  Astral Projection
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Astral Projection & Astral Travel
by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
 It’s desirable to treat these two subjects together because of the confusion in terminology over the years. Astral projection is a particular state of consciousness in which the astral body separates from the physical and is able to travel on the astral plane, obtain information, ...
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There are two techniques which are frequently called Astral Projection. The first one is frequently mistaken for Astral Projection but is nothing of the kind. It is actually Mental Projection. In Mental Projection you send your mind and senses away from your body by force of will. You still will ...