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Term: Chi

1.  This energy consists of static electricity, infrasound, infrared radiation, and magnetic fields. Chi is a complex form of energy that manifests itself in your vitality, your spirit, and your life.
SOURCE:  Chi Gung, by L.V. Carnie
2.  Vital life force often referred to as energy. A term commonly used in acupuncture referring to the energetic flow within the meridians.
SOURCE:  The Mind-Body Fertility Connection, by James Schwartz
3.  Energy or life force. Also known as Ki or Prana.
SOURCE:  Sacred Path of Reiki, by Katalin Koda

4.  The Chinese name for vital energy, comparable to the Hindu Prana.

AUTHOR:  Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
SOURCE:  Chi Kung for Beginners, by Scott Shaw