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Term: Divination

1.  The word divination is based on a Latin word that means "the faculty of foreseeing.” The word comes from the Latin word for "divine power," or "of the gods." This indicates that the true meaning of the word divination is "to make divine."

Far from being a superstitious practice, the art of divination reveals itself as a spiritual science that seeks to discover the divine meaning behind "chance" events. Divination has existed as a tool for psychic well-being and spiritual health long before modern psychology was born, although the later science has often borrowed heavily from the former.
SOURCE:  The Truth about the Golden Dawn, Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero
2.  By stars, cards, and alphabets. These are the three most popular methods of divination that have survived into the twentieth-century. The three occult sciences governing these oracular techniques are astrology (divination by the placement of the stars), cartomancy (divination by the random fall of the tarot or playing cards), and numerology (divination by the numbers concealed in the letters of a name or the digits of a birth date).
SOURCE:  Truth about Numerology, David Allen Hulse
3.  Ritual techniques designed to gain glimpses of distant or future events.
SOURCE:  Dreaming the Divine, Scott Cunningham (Llewellyn Publications)
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