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Term: Siddhis


1.  Magickal powers that naturally develop during the development of spirituality following Eastern practices. In standard Hinduism, Siddhis are considered a hindrance to spiritual development. In India today, the development of Siddhis is usually attributed to Tantric practices. Siddhi powers include clairvoyance, levitation, bilocation, shrinking to the size of an atom, the ability to remember past lives, and the ability to cause desired objects to materialize.

2.  Sanskrit, from sidh, meaning "to succeed, accomplish." Siddhis are the potential "psychic" powers that are experienced and thus developed along the path of Yoga and other techniques of Psychic Empowerment. They are the undeveloped abilities of ESP, which most people are unaware of possessing.

AUTHOR:  Carl Llewellyn Weschcke