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Term: Solomonic Magick


Solomon, son of King David and ruler of the united Israel, has achieved mythic status. As a result, stories about him are more important for their spiritual and mythic message than for any supposed objective historicity. One of the myths about him is that he could control spirits, including evil spirits, and it was they who built the First Temple in Jerusalem for him.

The myths and legends have resulted in styles of magick supposedly attributed to him. These are perhaps best described in the system revealed in the book, The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. The system works this way:

  1. Spend a great deal of time purifying yourself through acts of prayer, bathing, meditation, reading holy books, etc.
  2. Summon an angel who will give you the secrets of how to command lesser spirits or demons.
  3. Call on the spirits and control them with the techniques given to you by the angel. Have them bring you information or perform tasks for you.

This has been modified in modern times to eliminate the aspect of "evil spirits." Instead, you simply purify yourself then directly summon the entity qualified to bring you the information or perform the tasks you require.

AUTHOR:  Donald Michael Kraig