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Term: Thurisaz

1.  The third rune of the Elder Futhark, representing the sound Th.

THURISAZ is not only the vexing thorn which its name implies but also the glyph of the Hammer of Thor—the mighty weapon Mjollnir, protector of men and gods alike.
SOURCE:  A Practical Guide to the Runes, by Lisa Peschel
2.  Thurisaz is the third rune in the first aett, and its element is fire. The traditional name of this rune is Thurisaz, which is a very ancient name for Thor and appears in literature alongside the names Wodenaz and Teiwaz. Thurisaz also means "giant."

I know a third: in the thick of battle, If my need be great enough, It will blunt the edges of enemy swords, Their weapons will make no wounds. —Havamal
SOURCE:  Northern Mysteries & Magick, by Freya Aswynn