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I went through most of my life believing I was just as normal as the next person. There was nothing visibly different about me as I went about life being a wife and mother in a small town in Texas. It was a typical life with all its challenges until quite suddenly my life began to change. After eighteen years of marriage and raising two daughters, I found the courage to leave a marriage that was no longer working for either of us. It was the hardest and most courageous thing I have ever done in my life. I was changing and things began moving very quickly for me. Spirit brought me an angel in human form to be my new partner, as they knew what the adventure of my life would hold. I truly believe they custom-designed my husband to fit my unique needs. I was Spirit-chosen as they burst into my life starting out by miraculously healing me of two life-debilitating diseases. Well, that got my attention and then the voices began. Throughout my life I had experienced a strong intuition about things. I just knew things or felt things and it would happen. But I just figured everyone had that ability and denied anything further. Before I knew it, life for me was like hanging on to the tail of a wild horse. I never knew what to expect next. It wasn’t long before Spirit allowed me to have a NDE (near-death experience) in which I went before a counsel that explained my life purpose to me. They explained that I would be one of the life path healers that they were working through and I had a lot of work ahead of me. I was amazed by all that they showed me about the future and I continue to recall the knowledge they shared in that experience.

The book, Reaching Through The Veil To Heal, is written to give everyone a better understanding of death, grief and how we can heal with our loved ones in spirit. We have all lost a loved one at one time or another. Death is an inevitable part of life: our human body begins its journey toward death the moment it takes its first breath. Whether that life will last for moments or decades, it will eventually end in death. Frequently, we are taught to fear death, believing it will be the end of our life, the end of our soul’s existence. The mystery of death causes us to fear what we do not understand. But what if there is more … more than just what this particular body experiences? What if death is just a new beginning, an exciting transition from one world to the next? For most of us the subject of death has held so many unanswered questions that we usually avoid delving into the subject until it is forced upon us, leaving us totally unprepared for the devastating impression it makes upon our lives. In better understanding death we are able to embrace it as the beautiful gift that it is—the doorway home—and we can allow the doorway to the other side to remain open.

Reaching Through the Veil to Heal will give you a view of death from a clinical aspect as well as the spiritual view of what really happens as the spirit within us approaches the doorway to the other side. It will enlighten you to the beauty of the human spirit’s journey. You will find the hope and the comfort that we often search for when experiencing the loss of a loved one. We will help you understand the grief of your initial loss, as well as the many stages of grief that will follow. Through this book, we will give you a great gift, the ability to understand the path a deceased loved one has taken and the many ways they continue to communicate with you. These answers are channeled through me, a spirit chosen life path healer, who actually communicates with those in spirit. God works through me, as I have helped many grieving individuals reunite with their loved ones in spirit, giving them the opportunity to begin their healing path.

The true stories and heartfelt letters from my clients are woven throughout this book; bringing you the reality of life on the other side. From the mother that holds the tiny hand of her newborn baby as it courageously battles for its life to the wife that must watch as her beloved husband slips away from her into the merciless fog of Alzheimer’s, enduring the struggle of loss and surviving is a tremendous challenge for those of us left behind. But there is hope and comfort beyond death. I will illustrate for you how your loved ones in spirit interact with you, continuing to give you their love and support. Quite often, they have not left you behind, as they watch over you, guiding you through your daily lives.

There are many aspects associated with the subject of death; to begin with, preparing for death, whether preparing for your own death and dealing with your fears of the unknown or preparing for the loss of a loved one. The emotions of grief are powerful and have the potential to sabotage and cripple our lives if we do not have the tools to deal with it. This book gives you the tools to face the challenges of grief and embrace life beyond death. This book was written by me, but channeled from Spirit to bring you the comfort, healing and joy that God and your loved ones in spirit want for your life. There is life beyond death; let us help you find it.

About Linda Drake

Linda Drake (Texas) is an intuitive life path healer and has a successful Life Path healing practice. She teaches classes and lectures at metaphysical and health expos nationwide. ...

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