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Living in Harmony with Lunar Cycles

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Every twenty-eight days the Moon goes through an entire cycle, from New Moon to Full Moon and then back to New Moon to begin again. As she circles the Earth, the Moon has an effect on every single molecule and every living thing on our planet, including our body and our mood! The Moon goes through her regular rhythmic cycles constantly over the course of our entire lives, even though we are mostly so caught up in what is going on in our modern world to take much notice, let alone take advantage of her cycles to improve our lives or some particular situation. If only we were more familiar with the natural impulses of the Moon, as people were in earlier times, and how to work in harmony with her cycles, our lives might be much less stressed.

There are special influences at work on the New Moon day and on the Full Moon day that can be used to our benefit. The Moon phases of "waxing" or "waning" also hold particular impulses.

The New Moon, or "low ebb" of the Moon, signals preparation for a new cycle. The actual day of the New Moon is an ideal day to write down a simple list of what we hope to achieve or to manifest in our lives—to put it out there in the universe.

From New Moon to Full Moon is a good time to initiate new projects and plant seeds. People in general are more receptive to new ideas. This two-week period is the time to make plans and get supplies, to gather our strength, to let ourselves be fortified by getting plenty of rest. The New Moon is also a good time to replace negative habits with new healthy habits. The New Moon is very positive in nature.

For the two weeks from the New Moon to the Full Moon, the Moon is increasing in light. This is the waxing Moon. Our bodies tend to absorb and retain water as it nears and responds to the hot and dry influence of the First Quarter Moon. It is easier to gain weight during the waxing phase of the Moon, even if we take in the same amount of calories. That is partly because we are expending less energy as our bodies are in a naturally restful phase as it is replenishing and storing energy. This tendency to gain a little weight is also because everything taken into the body is more effective now, including the absorption of calories, vitamins, and nutrients. This goes for the good things as well as the bad, and the nearer the waxing Moon gets to Full Moon, the more effective our absorption becomes.

At the "high tide" of the Full Moon, things set in motion at the New Moon tend to come to a completion or maturation. Important decisions are made now as one sees a situation in full light. We tend to be more self-absorbed from now until the New Moon, as we are intent on tying up loose ends. We are prompted to take action. It is time to reap the harvests.

For the two weeks from Full Moon to New Moon, the Moon is decreasing in light. The body tends to lose a couple of pounds as it nears and responds to the cool, moist influence of the Third Quarter Moon. Now we are in the waning cycle of the Moon. This is an excellent time to start a diet and see encouraging results right away. This is also the best phase of the Moon for detoxifying the body. It is a time of shedding and clearing out. The best time to de-clutter and tackle major cleaning projects is when the moon is waning. It is easier to throw things out. During this waning phase of the Moon we expend more and more of our energy the closer the Moon gets to its low ebb: the next New Moon.

The waning Moon, from Full to New, is also the best phase of the Moon for an elected surgery. There is less tealzodiacimage bleeding and less scar tissue. Just be sure the Moon is not in the sign that corresponds to the body part to be operated on. As Hippocrates said, "Do not touch with iron those parts of the body that are governed by the sign through which the Moon is passing."

With that exception, everything else that is done for the health of the organs ruled by the sign the Moon is passing through is very beneficial. Strains put on the body part corresponding to the Moon sign will also be felt.

Each sign rules a particular body part and certain organs. The sign Aries rules the head, the eyes, and nose. Taurus rules the ears, throat, mouth, teeth, jaw, and thyroid. Gemini rules the shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, and, to a degree, all of the body's pairs. Cancer rules the breast, stomach, and the abdominal cavity, while Leo rules the heart, back, arteries, and circulation. Virgo rules the digestive organs, gall bladder, pancreas, and spleen. Libra rules the hips, kidneys, and bladder. Scorpio rules the reproductive and excretory systems. Sagittarius rules the thighs and liver function. Capricorn rules the skeleton, the knees and joints, and the skin. Aquarius rules the lower leg and Pisces rules the feet.

So, wear comfortable shoes on Pisces days (feet), find something to have a good laugh about or do a cardiovascular work out on Leo days (heart—do not strain the heart if you are out of shape!), and avoid spicy foods on Virgo days if you have sensitive digestion (digestion). Smokers might want to cut back on Gemini days (lungs), especially during a waxing Moon.

There is a lot of Moon lore that was once taken very seriously after careful observation over an extended length of time when people were more attuned to nature. If we slowed down a little bit, enough to take notice of the Moon sign and phase, we'd start to see the effects all around. The sign the Moon is passing through accounts for many of the body's little hiccups. For example, it might explain the occasional stomach upset when the Moon is in Virgo, a sleepless night (from a heavy meal) when in Cancer, or a slight headache when in Aries.

Take notice of the Moon's sign and imagine that it is illuminating each section of your body, one after the other, moving from top to bottom, lingering for two or three days at each. Llewellyn's Astrological Calendars show the Moon sign each day and makes the perfect tracking tool.

We are basically taking in from New Moon to Full Moon and we are putting out from Full Moon to New Moon. Not only does the Moon in the signs have special influences over our organs and body parts, they also favor specific activities. The more in unison we can work with nature, over time we can build optimal health and optimal life.

All it takes is blending the phase of the Moon with the sign she is passing through to find many answers about daily concerns. For example, stock the pantry when the Moon is waxing in Cancer, exfoliate the skin or have your teeth cleaned when the Moon is waning in Capricorn. We might find we have more patience by working with nature's natural rhythms instead of rushing things at the wrong times, which, if our actions are not in harmony with the natural rhythm of the Moon, will hardly have a positive effect anyway. It's actually a lot of fun to work with the Moon!

The Moon sign and phase can tell the best times for doing many personal and routine things, like having your hair cut, styled, dyed, or a perm. For instance, if you have very thick hair and you wish it thinner, get your trim or your cut on the low ebb (New Moon) when the shedding stage is peaking. Getting a perm during a waxing Leo Moon might result in frizz. A waxing Virgo Moon is often suitable for getting your hair styled or permed. A dye job will take better during a waxing Moon (maybe you've noticed there can be a difference). The Moon sign can help you determine the best time for a manicure or a pedicure. Because of the implements used, avoid a Gemini Moon for manicures and avoid pedicures during the Pisces Moon or the Gemini Moon.

Since the body's capacity to detoxify itself is at its highest on the low ebb or New Moon day, it can be very beneficial to fast for this one day, or to limit the foods eaten to fruits, vegetables, healthy juices, and so forth. And, because the high tide or Full Moon day is when our bodies are at their peak to absorb whatever we put into them for good or ill, this is another good day for a fast. Fasting on these two days of the month, or restricting the diet to only the truly healthy foods, can go a long way to boosting up and maintaining optimal health.

If you have a particular health issue in need of remedy in which a good detoxification is needed, it would be more beneficial to undertake the detoxification process during the waning Moon phase BEFORE starting a new regimen of taking in all of the essential nutrients, supplements, and needed foods to maintain optimal health during the waxing phase of the Moon. It is the same in many departments of life in which you want to make a fresh start. Before you plant new seeds, you must get the soil ready by removing the weeds.

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