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Exercise: Connecting to the Higher Self

Balance and Meditation

Life can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when we encounter change or conflict. We may feel alone and isolated. But when we connect to the higher self, the spirit version of our selves, we realize that we always have all the love and support we need. I use this exercise sometimes in client sessions, but you can do it anytime you need to feel love and support.

The higher self is the true essence of you—part of your soul. It's your total and complete version of yourself, free of projections, issues, imprints, and fears—the divine form of you. What exists on the earth plane is basically a small part of your total self that is engaging in physical life. The higher self oversees the human self; once engaged, the higher self provides deep guidance for navigating life on earth.

We can connect our human selves at any time to receive help from the higher self. But if we clear out our fears and projections and raise our vibrations, we can be closer to our higher selves on a regular basis. The higher self is in the vibration of unconditional love, so the more time we spend in that vibration, the closer we are to merging with our higher selves. This means choosing to look at experiences from a soul perspective rather than an ego-based one, realizing that all experiences are for our highest good. It also means engaging in kindness towards others and completely loving and accepting ourselves.

Until we reach the point where the human self and higher self merge and are vibrating at the rate of pure unconditional love, we have the ability to engage with our higher self through meditation. As we connect to the higher self, a sense of total peace and unconditional love envelops us. It is at this point that we become fully aware of how many things we need to clear from our human life. Connecting to the higher self helps us realize how and what we should be feeling all the time. When we connect we receive information about how we can improve our lives, if we just listen. It's time to live life as your soul chose before you incarnated. Connect with your higher self, be linked to the vibration of unconditional love, get on your soul path, and start living a life full of love!

What you will need for this exercise: Your mind in a relaxed state and a place to recline.

Close your eyes and breathe in deeply and release it. Do this a few times until you feel you're breathing comfortably in a relaxed state.

Place both hands over your heart chakra, in the center of your chest, and feel the energy vibrating there.

Next, envision a golden cord starting from your heart chakra and running up through the center of your body. See it going through your neck and your head and coming out the top of your head, through the crown chakra.

Picture the cord going from the top of your head and extending up into the sky until you can no longer see the end of it. Send loving energy from your heart chakra up the cord.

As you are sending loving energy up the cord, you feel something attach to the other end of the cord. Although you cannot see what is attached, you feel the loving energy it is sending down the cord to you.

Allow this warm, loving energy to fill your heart chakra. As it fills the chakra, then let it spill out and fill your entire body with the vibration of unconditional love. Allow this energy to flow in you!

As the cord moves closer to you, there is someone coming into view attached to the other end. It is your higher self, the perfect, radiant version of yourself that resides in the divine realm.

Now the higher self is in full view, and you can feel the vibration they carry. It is the vibration of unconditional love, and it is so overwhelming that you cannot contain it.

Using your mind, communicate telepathically with your higher self and ask what advice they can provide to guide you in this life. Spend a few moments communicating with your higher self. Make a mental note of everything communicated to you.

Now it is time for the higher self to return to the divine realm. See the cord attached to the higher self ascending back into the sky until you can no longer view the higher self.

Now detach the cord from your heart chakra and allow it to ascend to the sky. Watch as it becomes absorbed into the atmosphere.

Spend a few moments recounting the information your higher self shared with you.

Send thoughts of gratitude to your higher self for this experience. Know that you can connect to your higher self anytime you need to feel that love and support or guidance.

When you stand up, with your feet pressed against the ground, envision tree roots gently entangling around your feet, grounding you and holding you close to the earth.


Excerpted from Discovering the Healer Within, by Anysia Marcell Kiel.

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Anysia Marcell Kiel, MFA, is a lifelong healing medium who has been able to communicate with spirits since she was a very young child. She is the award-winning author of Discovering the Healer Within: Use Chakras & ...
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