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Through Space and Time, We Hold the Power to Our Own Greatness

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We live in a world of distraction, where our mind is occupied most of the time. In the Western world in particular, we have built a lifestyle that embraces both a shortage of time and a focus on doing…rather than being.

All this prevents us from remembering our magnificence. We are remarkable beyond our wildest dreams, beyond our greatest expectations, and in ways that defy imagination. It is difficult in this human form to touch our magnificence, though it is possible. We simply need to do two things. First, we surrender "time" as we know it to be, and then we surrender our idea of "space."

Surrendering Time
In recent years, the practice of mindfulness has received much attention. Mindfulness techniques offer a way to be present in the moment to alleviate the chatter of the mind, reduce stress, and change the thought patterns that trap us in modern life. So often we hold on to things from the past, or worry about the future, and the wonder of the moment at hand is lost. Mindfulness is a wonderful start, though there is more…

When we completely surrender to the now, we touch a level of spirituality that echoes the eternal self. You see, our souls are very patient and at that level of our being, time is not seen the same way. We will incarnate countless times into the physical, in order to learn, grow, and evolve our own eternal consciousness and help others do so as well.

When I originally trained as a Hypnotherapist, I was fascinated by time and I found it to be far less restrictive than what I'd thought. Age regression meant I could take a client back in time to discover the source of their distress held from childhood years. Once healed, they were different in the now. I was fascinated by reincarnation and how we could travel to other times and places to explore, heal, and discover ancient wisdoms using the client as a link to other lifetimes.

However, it was the discovery of the work of Dr. Michael Newton that showed me the power of "now time." In the Spiritual Realm between incarnations, where we undertake the journeys that have come to be known as our "Life Between Lives," we can observe the lineage of our soul in one sweeping glance. We can understand our lifetime of purpose and the patterns we have brought into this incarnation. In this state we have completely surrendered time and can feel the presence of the eternal self that is the real us. In this moment we are beyond time and we are in the magnificence of our soul.

So I offer to you, that to pause and remember that… you are a spiritual being having a human experience, feeling that as a "knowing" at the core of your being will center you in love and compassion and link you into your magnificence.

Surrendering Space
Once we surrender our grip on linear time and see ourselves simply as a necessary construct of the human form in this physical reality, there is another powerful step to take: the surrender of physical space as we know it.

For decades, Quantum Physics has been challenging our world view, sharing with us that the way sub-atomic particles behave in the miniscule quantum world is totally different from what we observe in the world at large (pun intended).

In that smaller realm, particles can be in multiple places (non-locality), change their shape and form from intention (observer effect) and communicate instantaneously over large distances (entanglement). The confusing aspect of all this for us is that we are completely made up of these particles ourselves. We have proven through science, mathematics, and often both that the physical reality in which we live is more like a single dimension of a multi-dimensional holographic multiverse, full of other versions of ourselves who took separate paths to create alternate realities. Time to reach for an aspirin…

Again, the "knowing" can save us, as it doesn't come from the human intellect or the need to analyze or understand exactly how everything has to work. If something is held in the realm of the metaphysical, then no amount of physical thinking is going to bring peace. If we simply surrender to the knowing, accept that there is more to what is unfolding around us than we can see, then it becomes easier.

For the past twenty years, I have been researching consciousness in its various forms, from best practice consciousness models of human evolution, to expanded states of awareness, to the latest principles of Quantum Physics. What I offer is simply this: we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. We are amazing, remarkable, multi-dimensional beings that exist quite naturally outside time and space. Again, the evidence is everywhere.

There are thousands upon thousands of documented examples of Near Death Experiences (NDEs). These people have crossed the veil, only to return to tell us snippets of the afterlife they observed, though something even more profound can be found in these survivors. They have a different view of life; they know exactly where they are going when the role of this incarnation is completed. They know what it is like to surrender space as we know it and feel a different plane of existence. They remain forever changed and touch the hearts and minds of the people with whom they are close. To those they love, they offer an eyewitness account that there is so much more to come.

To all these NDEs we add the Life Between Lives clients, another 40,000 cases at last estimate from The Michael Newton Institute, some 800 of which I've had the honor to facilitate personally. Countless past life regression cases from around the world have to be mentioned here as well and there are just too many of those to count.

Finally, at the Institute for Quantum Consciousness, we have 500 cases on record of clients who have travelled to alternate realities, parallel lives, and experienced their interdimensional consciousness as life forms in other dimensions or on physical planets elsewhere.

From this growing experiential research across this and other approaches, we are all coming to the same conclusions. Our physical being in this reality is simply an anchor point for our greater consciousness. In a universe made from an infrastructure of pure energy at the subatomic level, our consciousness is non-local (i.e. everywhere) and we simply need to take our awareness to that other place through our intention (observer effect).

As for the physical body, that is the doorway to all of this. It is made up of certain elements like carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. These elements that can be found in your big toe can also be found throughout the universe, forming star clusters, galaxies, planets, and stars. You are literally walking star dust, held together by an eternal consciousness, here for a sacred, divine purpose to serve humanity in your own unique way.

So, I'll offer this to you…

You are a doorway to your magnificence. Pause and reflect…

Surrender time…and touch your soul, as it is beyond time.

Surrender space and remember…the multidimensional self that you are and all that offers you. Everything you will ever need is held lovingly within.

Allow this to bring you peace, in a world with too many shadows and not enough light. Then you will discover that the light that changes everything… is in fact you.

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Peter Smith (Australia) is the president of The Newton Institute and trains Life Between Lives practitioners around the world. He is also the founder of the Institute for Quantum Consciousness and the creator of the ...

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