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Your Natal Moon: A Powerful Asset in Workplace Relationships

Signs of the Zodiac

Before I became an astrologer with various specialty areas in this appealing metaphysical science, I had a twenty-four-year career in the federal government and left early to pursue my career in consulting astrology and writing. Credentials for writing this article stem from my work as an executive coach and developer of training modules designed to elevate performance and improve the quality of the work environment. I offer material that builds team confidence and helps leaders understand the diversity of staff. Managers have often asked me to include the personality findings of the Myers-Briggs test in advance of specific training. One company head was visibly upset to learn that very few members of the staff had the same Myers-Briggs profile. "Won't we argue all the time if our types are so different?" the manager asked. I explained that if every employee had the same profile, the work would get stale, certain tasks would never be accomplished, and the passion and energy level would be low because everyone thought alike. Both managers and employees agreed that when talent wasn't used, the inclination was to look for a job that offers meaningful assignments.

One leader hired me to do teambuilding to look for ways to solve internal problems and requested that I collect birth information, so the natal charts of participants could be compared. All employees agreed and were excited to learn more about cohesiveness. They wanted to identify key work assets, find ways to get along better, and work harmoniously. What made staff members click or created tension with one another? The combination of planets tells the story of preferences for certain types of work, with the Moon playing a central role in defining the work personality. My private consulting work and monthly newsletter with a Readers' Q & A column are the inspiration for this article that highlights the importance of knowing your personality traits and developing quality work relationships.

Bonding with Your Workplace
What attracted you to your employment venue? Did you know that your Moon describes how well you navigate the workplace? Do you realize that your natal Moon is one of the most powerful career assets for displaying qualities, talents, and habits that enhance performance in your place of employment? While texts and e-mails dominate our business world, good business relationships reflect solid interface and quality communication. The work environment thrives when there is evidence that employees get along with one another, demonstrate honesty, take accountability, and deliver products and services on time. Today's highly effective organizations look for employees who adapt to rapidly changing markets and technology and are open to learning new skills. In any chart, the sixth house describes the work, the daily environment, and the individuals or teams who count on your expertise and cooperation.

Sampling the Signs
Let's give each Moon sign a little time in the spotlight. If you know your Moon sign, which of your personal assets do you recognize from these passages? Although it is impossible to cover every quality or career affiliated with each sign, here is an overview of what you can expect.

Aries Moons have strong personalities and a flair for individuality. They demonstrate enthusiasm for ever-evolving ideas and enjoy creating innovative concepts and plans—they leave implementation to more detail-oriented types. Aries Moons crave recognition to express their egos in leadership roles and are the perfect choice if you want to launch a new program or product and get the ball rolling quickly. Their bedside manners are not always polished—they can be combative and they rile colleagues by dismissing their ideas or showing impatience over the analysis and the decision process. Impulsiveness is often their downfall. They are quick to anger but just as quickly let it go and move on.

Aries Moons are action-oriented and want to be first to get the job done. Since Mars rules their Moon sign, many of them are well suited for military careers; emergency management; analyti-cal work that includes handwriting analysis and clue detection; legal professions that involve interrogating individuals in lawsuits; mechanical expertise (auto, planes, and trucks); and careers involving weapons, such as butchering, artillery management, and police work. Aries Moons get along with those who have Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius Moons and feel friction with cardinal sign Moons, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

When you hire someone with a Taurus Moon, you usually have a pragmatic, reliable worker who enjoys physical material comforts yet watches expenditures, keeps the workplace orderly, and may show a flair for designing the work space. Put this person on the team you select to reorganize space. Taurus Moons keep their eye on the bottom line and often seek careers in financial management, investment, real estate, mortgage banking, setting pay scales, and maintaining the staff budget. Other career fields include music (composing, instructing, performing, writing); food connoisseurs (developing recipes, tasting, preparing, writing reviews, bakery work); positions in the flower growing industry; and careers associated with clothing design, makeup products, and home or office décor.

Self-development appeals to the Taurus Moon who looks for opportunities to move up the career ladder. They examine the cost and value of training that accelerates performance and eagerly apply for a new position. Stubbornness is their Achilles' heel and they think nothing of delaying a decision if they feel their ideas are not accepted. Taurus Moons generally work well with Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo Moons, yet frequently clash with fixed sign Moons—Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Gemini Moons bring the gift of gab to the work environment, along with diplomatic skills and wit. They use ice breakers in meetings to get conversation started. Known for their communication mastery, they tackle writing assignments or speaking engagements with passion. If you are looking for an in-house trainer, those with a Gemini Moon are natural educators—tailor-made for developing and presenting courses, facilitating meetings, and giving new employees a thorough orientation to the workplace. This Moon sign rocks the debate team, the advertisement field, assignments in research and development, running the library, or demonstrating professional driving skills. They bring what they learn in life to the workplace; their fertile minds constantly look for solutions to problems and find them.

Other professions that attract Gemini Moons include acrobat, magician, mime, editor, journalist, linguist, news reporter, franchise owner, neurologist, speech pathologist, and weather forecaster. Their natural chattiness gets them in trouble at times—spilling the beans prematurely, fibbing, gossiping, and promising more than they can actually deliver. These outcomes occur because they are versatile and juggle so much data, taking in far more information than others can assimilate. Although they often work alone because their quick minds are busy fielding ideas, they get along well with individuals who have Leo, Libra, Aquarius, and Aries Moons. Relationships get rocky with those who have mutable sign Moons: Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Those with a Cancer Moon reflect the psychological makeup of life experiences and often express their feelings through their work. Cancer Moons accommodate the needs of the organization, show loyalty, and focus on meeting deadlines while maintaining quality control. They have excellent memories and easily recall the institution's history and progress. They take a stand caring for children and their well-being, and in defending the underdog when it comes to social issues. Cancer Moons thrive on self-employment, all facets of food management and preparation (baking, catering, dairy farm-ing, restaurant management), developing recipes with an eye on nutrition, analyzing and writing about relationships (personal and business), and the independence involved with real estate careers. Work as advisors, mentors, talent managers, and transpersonal psychologists appeals to them.

This cardinal Moon sign is very action-oriented and often earns income from two or more careers or moonlights and thrives on the never-ending supply of energy that passion for one's work brings. Other career fields with appeal: ancestry, genealogy, history, home improvement products, building and remodeling, landscaping and exterior design, produce growing, and professions related to the sea—fisher, cruise ship associate, navy officer, seafood harvester, and resort worker. The bane of the Cancer Moon is not getting enough sleep, being sensitive to criticism, or showing a crabby side when too many demands are made on their time without checking for availability. Cancer Moons get along well with those who have Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces Moons. Those with other Cardinal sign Moons—Aries, Libra, and Capricorn—clash over control issues.

If they're a Leo Moon sign, your employee wants recognition for accomplishments and often the starring role in the enterprise—director, leader, boss, manager, or star. They are dramatic and put passion into cherished enterprises, whether a stage production or their own business. Leo Moons take a gamble on the unknown and turn it into a creative enterprise. Their flair for spontaneity livens the environment of the workplace and builds camaraderie within the ranks. They will invite others home to dinner, throw inclusive parties, and make visitors feel welcome. This Moon seldom shies away from delegating authority. They believe in enjoying recreation, taking vacations, and encouraging others in their circle to take time to recharge batteries and return to work with renewed enthusiasm. Here's a Moon sign that exudes warmth, has a flair for entertainment, enjoys emceeing a show, and welcomes conversation and lively exchanges in any debate.

Many Leo Moons are teachers or coaches and connect well with their students. When employees seek solutions to problems, they take the same interest in reaching a resolution as they would with their children. Among the professions where you find Leo Moons: athletes, boxers, park rangers, manufacturers or salespeople of outdoor equipment, educators or school principals, theater workers, comedians, midwives or obstetricians, entrepreneurs, government workers, astrologers, and CEOs. This Moon sign resents anyone looking over their shoulder or checking to see when the work will be completed—they feel that anyone who knows them should recognize their integrity. Sometimes they take time off from work at inconvenient junctures, party too much, or have investment misses that take time to recover. Leo Moons get adventurous with those who have the Moon in Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Libra; they clash with the Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius Moons over politics or management style.

Virgo Moons flaunt their superior attitude toward work and productivity while displaying organizational skills, and show a passion for meeting challenges. You'll find them in every type of service industry, including cleaning; fitness; holistic health care; government; pet care; medical and elder care environments; food preparation and nutrition; equipment sales and service; and clothing design, repair, and retail. They have sought-after analytical skills that include work in accounting, computer management, math, organizing, and writing fields.

They are at the center of workplace relationships with coworkers, colleagues, customers, or collaborators. A frequent role for a Moon in Virgo is disciplining employees or making such recommendations to management. A strong Moon in Virgo asset is the ability to develop work manuals, procedures, and policies, as well as implement or update electronic equipment and file management. If they have an interest in food benefits, they may write books or articles on proper nutrition, body cleanses, and lifestyle. Virgo Moons excel at conference or meeting planning and coordination of details. They make excellent bookkeepers, carpenters, druggists, inspectors, opticians, policemen, poll takers, and veterinarians. A Virgo Moon's downfall may deal with a tendency toward hypochondria, displaying nervous tension and a negative attitude toward dreaded facets of work, being too picky in critiquing others' work, or using sarcasm or passive aggressive behavior when something or somebody aggravates them. Virgo Moons get along best with those who have the Moon in Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, or Scorpio, and may experience confusion from those with the Moon in Gemini, Sagittarius, or Pisces.

Libra Moons look for ways to compromise, find balance when it is out of bounds, reconcile ideology stalemates, create collaborative environments, restore harmony to turbulent conditions, and mediate differences. Partnership ventures and cooperation appeal to Libra Moons. Sometimes the partner is their spouse. These Moons are good at contract negotiation, excel in consulting environments, resolve personnel problems, encourage competition, keep abreast of legal issues, and would rather go to arbitration than go to court. Among other strong suits, they have impeccable manners, the gift of diplomacy, ability to recognize and reward excellent performance, and find it easy to acknowledge all players in the environment. As employees or bosses, these Moons advocate teamwork and often take an interest in the company baseball team, picnics, fundraisers, or holiday parties. This Moon resonates with artists, matchmakers, hair stylists, sparring partners, and sales representatives. Business psychologist, motivator, marriage counselor, and Equal Employment Opportunity specialist are careers in their wheelhouse.

While Libra Moon is known for sharing information and keeping everyone in the loop, sometimes they say too much by spilling the beans prematurely. You'll find this Moon looking for ways to be fair to others to avoid potential conflict; they are either the best listeners ever or so eager to share an experience or an "ah-ha" moment that they stop listening to a contact's message. Libra Moons get along well with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, and Sagittarius Moons and frequently get rattled by those with Moon in Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn.

There is no lunar sign like a Scorpio Moon to get to the gist of a problem or keep you focused in a conversation. These Moons are deeply introspective and want to know more about the inner workings of contacts' minds and motives. They ask lots of questions yet don't always give up information—sharing does not come easily to them. Research is one of their strengths and they dig deeply until they find what they need. They are very good at eradicating what is no longer needed, such as debts, pests, people, garbage, addictions, and bad habits.

You'll find Scorpio Moons in businesses related to debt collection, insect control, mortgage lending and payoff, criminal undertakings, self-help psychology, sex therapy, waste management, and diverse careers in police work. Jobs in the medical industry fascinate Scorpio Moons—coroners, dentists, lab technicians, medical scientists, proctologists, and surgeons, for example. Wills and goods of the dead attract their interest as attorneys or legal specialists; so do careers as funeral directors, estate settlement attorneys, and insurance adjusters. This Moon sign can withhold information, be vindictive when things don't go their way, and be avid scorekeepers when they think someone else is getting more notice than they are. Scorpio Moons get along best with Moon in Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces and find the environment too competitive with Moon in Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius.

A Moon in Sagittarius capitalizes on a socializing nature by experimenting in careers that offer a breadth and depth of experience. They explore the map, choosing paths in journalism, medicine, law, philosophy, politics, religion, teaching, and the travel industry. Often they seek multiple educational degrees, studying languages and the culture of various countries. Residing in another country appeals to this Moon and they relish travel assignments to recharge their batteries whether at home or abroad.

This Moon frequently has two or more careers. They are abstract thinkers, founts of information, and impart knowledge as advertisers, broadcasters, clergy, editors, explorers, diplomats, animal trainers (especially horses), jurists, lecturers, legal analysts, international trade specialists, metaphysicians, and advocates of social change. Colleagues would refer to one as "perpetual student," "world traveler," "storyteller," and "vagabond." A Sagittarius Moon is not fond of keeping close records and often misses deadlines. They prefer to have a trusted assistant to make arrangements or polish off unappealing parts of the tasks. Although they are a lively and welcome part of the team, bosses complain that they lose track of time, talk too much or go off point in formal presentations or meetings. Valued connections include those with Moon in Leo, Aries, Libra, and Aquarius, while those with Moon in Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces seem too critical.

Capricorn Moon signs bring a serious note to the workplace, demonstrating high standards of performance while displaying ambition and a desire to lead. They want recognition for their achievements. Assign them to manage teams, lead initiatives, and develop mission objectives. Assign Capricorn Moons to your goal-setting and long-range planning initiatives. They are often CEOs in training and look forward to occupying the executive suite. Fame is often affiliated with this Moon sign and you'll find geniuses among them. You can count on Capricorn Moons to get a grip on prob-ems in any situation. Employees consider them authorities, the boss, or sometimes father figures, and they are sought after as mentors. Capricorn Moons are found among presidents, commanders, company heads, governors, law enforcers, all facets of public service, royalty, statesmen, veterans, and business owners. Those who gravitate toward medicine often choose dentistry, hospital administration, geriatric care, and osteopathy. You'll find them in diverse facets of real estate—sales, construction (especially masonry), home inspection, land development, structural engineering, and appraisal. Other careers that may interest them include astronomer, economist, physicist, or soil scientist.

They let nothing slip by them and will hold your feet to the fire when expecting deliverables, as well as notice when you are late for work or meetings because they are very punctual. Although they never give up despite constraints in their plans, they can be very peevish or critical of others who do not perform as expected. Some in their circle find them too bossy, too cold, or too cheap in doling out compensation. Capricorn Moons work well with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, or Pisces Moons and get contentious with individuals who have Aries, Cancer, or Libra Moons.

Aquarius Moon signs relish the role of a change agent or internal consultant in various organizations. They take pride in their many affiliations and not only attend meetings and events but often run for office, head up task forces, or set up impartial panels to discuss emerging issues. This Moon fits in well with diverse groups and offers an array of skills that get the job done. Count them among the most analytical of Moon signs. Aquarius Moons are personable, blend in seamlessly, display versatility, and quickly get a sense of the work culture. They are joiners and thrive in settings that improve conditions for humanity, such as automation, charitable work, electronics technology, management development, politics, and talent acquisition. Their impersonal manner allows them to analyze personal, organizational, and social problems without distressing the group members. They are champions of the underdog.

Aquarius Moons jump on the bandwagon to promote cyber-security and make recommendations for culling out fraud, funds mismanagement, and information breaches. They excel in posi-tions like advisor, advocate, airline personnel, astrologer, electrician, guide, inventor, legislator, political representative or senator, sociologist, trendsetter, and visionary. As crackerjack human capital professionals, their insight often uncovers the bias that prevents the best people from being hired. Critics of their style say they are too aloof, show indifference or boredom openly, are manipulative, unleash their rebellious streak, or make statements simply for shock value. Aquarius Moons create synergy with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries Moons, while interactions with Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio Moons can be testy.

Pisces Moons gravitate toward careers that call for behind-the-scenes activity, confinement, and privacy. Staff in hospitals, institutions, prisons, and drug or physical rehabilitation centers often have Pisces Moons. Telecommuting was made for them. Charities, fundraising firms, public service groups, welfare organizations, and educational venues attract their fair share of individuals with this Moon. Many Pisces Moons are holistic healers, have healing hands for practicing Reiki, and possess gifts of psychic insight and often mediumship. They encourage others to take five when stress builds up, to get back in balance, meditate, or practice yoga.

Pisces Moons make excellent teachers and clergy, including nuns, friars, priests, and those in cloistered religious orders. A number of Pisces Moons are really good with numbers and make excellent accountants or bookkeepers. Even in large companies, they like assignments that give them space and allow them to blitz through a pile of work behind the scenes. They are happy in freelance fields like writing, music, and acting. You'll find this Moon working in bars, breweries, oil refineries, and firms that manufacture perfumes and bath products. Throughout their lives, Pisces Moons benefit from taking inventory of their careers, goals, and relationships, releasing what is not working, and looking for the next meaningful step toward fulfillment. They are kind and considerate employees. Habits that rattle bosses include daydreaming, taking too long to complete assignments, lack of truthfulness about the status of work, misunderstanding circumstances (their Moon's ruler is Neptune and they sometimes get caught in its fog), and forgetfulness. Pisces Moons get along well with those who have Moon in Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus, while managing to confuse individuals with Moon in Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius.

Excerpted from Llewellyn's 2020 Moon Sign Book.

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