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Feeling Disconnected? Ground, Cleanse, and Realign

Incense and Meditation

One of my favorite practices before I connect with my intuition is called, "Ground, Cleanse, Realign." It's really easy and especially helpful now in the age of COVID-19, when many of us feel disconnected.

GROUND: Be present in your body. If it helps, wiggle your toes or run your hands down your arms and legs. Ground into your body and feel the physicality of it. Some people like to envision a connection to the earth to help them ground. Do whatever works.

CLEANSE: Do an energetic scan on your body and aura. Release any energy that doesn't belong to you. You can brush your hands through your aura if this helps you release the energy. Envision that energy flowing away from you and going into the earth, where it can be recycled into something better.

REALIGN: Take a deep breath. Align your energy to be centered along your spine. You can also align to your goals or intentions, such as aligning to the feeling of unconditional love or vibrant health.

About Astrea Taylor

Astrea Taylor is an eclectic pagan witch with over two and a half decades of experience in the witching world. She’s the author of Air Magic and Intuitive Witchcraft. She has a bachelor’s degree in science from ...

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