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Ritual Tools and Other Items Used for Werewolf Magick Work

Wolf in Nature

To prepare for hands-on ritual work with werewolf magic, let's discover the practical aspects of werewolf magick, learning about the physical, visual, and linguistic tools needed for the work.

What follows are the ritual items, tools, and symbols as well as unique ways of expression important for the practice of werewolf magick. By finding, or, better yet, crafting these items with feral intent and learning about the symbols and non-verbal "language' that infuse werewolf magick, we can enter the realm of the animal-self, which will help us unleash our inner werewolf. As we walk down this moon-lit, tree-covered path of werewolf magick, be aware that your Animalself, and the Instinct, Intuition, and Insight that comes from it are your best and most potent guides. If you feel that maple leaves or cactus flowers are better for your rite than the oak leaves mentioned in a ritual, use them instead. Some of these tools and items and ideas come from my own animal-self, the three-eyed wolf spirit within me. Some are influenced by what I learned from historical traditions, like the stang and the use of wolf pelts, but in the end it is up to you and your animal-self. You do not need real wolf bones, for example. Use wool or woven cedar or some other natural material if you like. The items mentioned here are in-sync with werewolf magick and are easy to get, but be flexible. If oak doesn't grow near you, then use what is natural to your biome. Nature is the root of our work. Gaia provides everything for werewolf magick; listen to Her with your animal-self, observe Her, be part of Her, like every wolf does. If you do that, you can't go wrong.

Ritual Tools and Other Items Used for Werewolf Magick Work
(All werewolf magick tools can be charged and empowered with the Blessing Ritual for Werewolf Magick Talismans and Tools at the end of chapter three in Werewolf Magick.) In werewolf magick, simply shifting, running about in the forest naked, and howling work quite well, but appropriate ritual items help us focus as we ritually invoke our animal powers to arise! These simple items create energetic foci to protect and manifest our magick, invoke the gods and goddesses we revere and who support our work.

Werewolf Magick Altar
Werewolf magick, if not being done outside in nature, is more powerful with a centrally focused sacred place that accumulates power. A werewolf magick altar or shrine centers the wildness inside the home and is important for such trance, dream, or Fetch work done inside.

The Stang
The stang is a simple forked stick, usually oak, and represents the Lord of the Forest who goes by names and is sometimes depicted with horns and hooves, as a "green man" or as another feral being. The stang is his symbol and it is his very totem and eldritch center of being. He is of the earth and the representative of animal spirits and primieval forests.

Staves or Wands
Ritual staves or wands are ritually hand-cut and whittled stick, often from an oak. They are very powerful tools and important ritual items for werewolf magick it is recommended that you harvest three ritual staves from a healthy tree at the full moon with offerings to the tree and impromptu invocations of Gaia, the Lord of the Forest, and the Moon Goddess. Each stave should be about the length from fingertip to elbow, an inch thick, be cleaned of bark and dyed with natural substances. One is kept plain or dyed white, another black, and the thrd red. These represent the three lunar goddesses of werewolf magick (Artemis, Selene, and Hekate, respectively). They can be engraved or marked with symbols of werewolf magick or any that come to you in trance. All materials used should be natural. Staves may be used ritually in many ways, as wands, as rhythm instruments, stuck into the earth as deity representations, and so on.

It is crucial you find the right tree for the stang. It should be healthy, large, and able to spare a few smaller branches without hurting it. Stop, lean against it, and with your Animalself mentally reach out and touch it and ask for some of its wood. Wait. There will be a sign or signal of acceptance or rejection. Leave an offering, a coin or drop of blood, and many thanks.

The Ritual Dagger
This will be used for cutting tree branches and pricking yourself for blood work, as well as for casting circles, carving ritual items, and for magickal and maybe physical defense. It is roughly analogous to a witch's athame. There are no specific runes or sigils to put on it, but of course you may do so as you will. Iron is the best material for the blade since it connects with Ares, but steel or copper blades are fine as well. The handle can be a significant wood like oak, or be of bone, horn, or another suitably natural and animal-centered substance.

A Ritual Journal
As immediate and feral as werewolf magick is, keeping records of omens, chants, experiences, dreams, symbols, images, and the whispers of your Animalself is critical and powerful. Again, find or make a journal that is made of natural materials. Use it often and record everything, including dreams.

The Ritual Drinking Cup and the Burning Bowl
Most werewolf magick rites and spells call for a ritual cup as well as a plate or bowl in which to burn herbs. The primal nature of this magick is such, again, found items like shells, geodes, or handmade items crafted of ceramic or wood are best. For example, a real drinking horn would be very appropriate, ornate silver chalices, not so much. Adding werewolf symols is fine; let your Animalself get involved.

Ritual Werewolf Talismans
The best talismans and amulets are created by you and can include any werewolf magick symbols or any other intuitive animalistic symbols you find useful. You can use carved glyphs or a bind-rune or a wolf emblem of any kind. As with all else, let the inner voice of your awakening Animalself be your guide. Such a talisman could incorporate any werewolf-associated stone, such as a moonstone or red jasper. It can be worn in any way, but it is best if it is at least somewhat handmade in ritual circle and is of natural materials. Silver is also fine to use. The myth that silver harms were-wolves was never historically noted and is untrue. Silver is sacred to the Moon Goddess, our loving protector.

Excerpted from Werewolf Magick, by Denny Sargent.

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