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Healing Our Karma by Understanding Our Sun Sign

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Our sun sign gives us an opportunity to display our creativity and unique self-expression in the world. It fills us with the ego strength to pursue our goals and to tune into our self-confidence. The universe fills our sun sign with its power to inspire us to find the love and the drive to manifest our desire for harmony.

Reincarnation and Our Sun Sign Past Life Patterns
Reincarnation is the belief that our soul has lived out past lives. With each new incarnation we get a chance to gain new understanding. We don't have the same sun sign in each life we live. In each incarnation we are given the astrological traits to overcome and heal past life patterns that we no longer need to embrace. Within us, embedded in our memory, are past life energies. There are talents we once used in past lives. Each of us has some past life patterns that need to healed and channeled into more positive expression. With practice and patience, it is very possible to tune into these past life influences and find better ways to express them. It is then our relationships are rewarding and our life stays in balance. Inner peace outweighs discord.

What follows is a brief description of the twelve astrological sun signs and the strengths each sign possesses to find those paths to rising above the hold of karmic patterns. Each of us has the capability with persistent effort to find our way through any karmic energy. Don't worry if it feels like you are taking one step forward and two going back; with determination, you can get a handle on any past life pattern you came here to heal.

The 12 Sun Signs and the Road to Healing Past Life Karmic Patterns
Aries: The Warrior (3/19-4/19): If you were born under the fire sign Aries, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives by boldly trusting your insights. It is then you can find the courage to face down the hold of any past life influences. Identifying a karmic pattern is the first step to a great sense of self-discovery. It then requires patience to working through a past life energy. You were gifted at birth with a fast paced sign; springing into action is an impulse. Sometimes in slowing down you allow your intuition to get empowered, which can be the key to discovering the hidden healing energy in your sign. If you feel like you are not moving fast enough to reach the harmony you desire, don't get frustrated. The universe may be trying to tell you that it is time to end or make changes in a relationship, job, or another area of your life that is keeping you from the happiness you seek. Releasing a situation that keeps you locked into a negative experience may be the opening to release a karmic energy. You feel a sense of healing and balance when you move onto a more rewarding path.

Taurus: The Builder (4/20-5/20): If you were born under the earth sign Taurus, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through taking a firm stand to speak your truth. A key ingredient to rising above karmic forces is to embrace flexibility. Your sign is known for standing its ground to maintain your own viewpoints; being adaptable at times allows you to intuitively step around roadblocks to your inner peace and finding success in the world. When you recognize that repeating worn-out behaviors is not wise, you attract the right relationships and all of the abundance the universe can offer. Being true to your own values takes you on the road to self-discovery. Karmic patterns that once held you back become a distant memory. This allows you to instinctively know how to turn negative experiences into positives, which in itself is a bold first step in releasing any karmic residue from previous lives.

Gemini: The Communicator (5/21-6/21): If you were born under the air sign Gemini, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through your insatiable passion for knowledge. Your insights to see solutions to karmic issues often come through surprising synchronicities, which are meaningful coincidences. Staying mentally positive gives you the edge needed to rise above any past life influence. Staying in the company of people supportive of your creative thinking gives you the momentum to stay clear of old karmic thought processes. Your sign is known for wanting options to any situation. It is in knowing you have the mental freedom to walk your own path that you feel you can heal any old karmic way of thinking. Your intuition grows stronger when you remain calm in the midst of adversity. Distancing yourself from overly stressful situations opens your eyes in seeing your way from falling back into karmic patterns.

Cancer: The Preserver (6/22-7/21): If you were born under the water sign Cancer, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through your intuitive way of sensing the life adjustments you need to make. Your wisdom from seeing mistakes as learning lessons empowers you. Your moods tend to be deep, and can bring past memories from incarnations to the surface. You do possess a sixth sense to bring the past and present into a harmony that heals any old emotional pain. Choosing the right people to keep close as a support system goes far in keeping worn out karmic patterns away from you. Finding the right home life that keeps you in balance is part of a sound healing strategy. When you share your inner world with someone you trust, it keeps your outer world a clearer path to success. When you don't hold onto grudges with others it allows you to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally happy.

Leo: The Leader (7/22-8/21): If you were born under the fire sign Leo, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through a willingness to accept new insights. Your sign has a tremendous will power to forge ahead when confronting challenges. It only takes staying aware of how your actions impact others that goes far in keeping karmic patterns from interfering with creating harmony in your current life. When you learn ways to quiet your mind, you instinctively attract the abundance and happiness you seek. When you share your knowledge with others, it has a healing effect on any past karma. Keeping a balanced give and take in your relationships is a key path to soul growth. When you don't fear changing a behavior, it allows you to step out of the hold of any past life tendencies no longer working for you. Your creative talent keeps you inspired to stay on an enlightening journey.

Virgo: The Perfectionist (8/22-9/21): If you were born under the earth sign Virgo, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives by not being overly demanding of yourself and others. You have a wonderful inclination to offer your skills to others. It is important to keep in mind to make sure you are receiving as well as giving of yourself. When you stay away from trying to be too perfect, life is more rewarding. Staying mentally positive keeps past life patterns that are no longer of benefit from entering your thinking. You are naturally a great problem solver. Being harder on problems than on yourself or others is a surer road to happiness and fulfillment. Knowing any karma you came here to conquer is always within your grasp opens the door to growth promoting relationships. Believing in your own ability confirms your identity in this life and keeps negative impulses linked to past lives far in the distance.

Libra: The Socializer: (9/22/-10-21): If you were born under the air sign Libra, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through participating in balanced relationships. You thrive when knowing your boundaries in relating to others. You could sense if you are enacting a karmic pattern when losing your power to another person. Fairness and diplomacy guide you to a life filled with harmony. When you act decisively, life seems more rewarding than indecision, which is hard on your nervous system. People who support your goals become trusted friends. There are occasions where you need to step out of your comfort zones to feel empowered. When you walk your talk, past life troublesome patterns stay in the distant past. Trusting your intuition keeps you mentally strong and your insights about the future clear.

Scorpio: The Transformer (10/22-11/21): If you were born under the water sign Scorpio, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through channeling your emotional intensity productively. You are a natural detective, which helps you to tune in to any karmic type of influence. Your intuition acts as a guide to help you steer clear of past life behaviors you need to avoid. If you don't overly obsess over what you cannot change in your life, you are ahead of the game in dealing with past life patterns. The path to harmony and balance in your life is easier when you have equal power in your partnerships. You stay balanced mentally and emotionally when choosing lovers and friends looking out for your best interest. With practice, you develop the wisdom to make choices that promote growth. Believing in your ability to rise above challenges releases the hold of any karmic influences.

Sagittarius: The Optimist (11/22-12-20): If you were born under the fire sign Sagittarius, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives though your positive belief philosophy. You attract good fortune and good luck by believing you can overcome any type of adversity. You welcome new challenges as a way to expand your knowledge as to how the world works. There is an adventurous spirit in you that can turn a karmic energy into a winning formula, leading you to success in your life endeavors. You have a restlessness to be on the move. Traveling on the mental and physical levels is a natural part of your self-expression. Channeling your energy intuitively can guide you through any karmic lessons you came into this life to learn. Staying away from being too judgmental keeps your vision refreshed and able to transform the past into peace and harmony in the present.

Capricorn: The Pragmatist (12/21-1/19): If you were born under the earth sign Capricorn, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through your rugged determination to pursue harmony no matter the odds against you. Your sense of reality keeps you focused on what is important to you. Your sign is known for establishing clearly defined goals. There does come a time when taking a risk to accept new changes in your life can bring bold refreshing insights. It is then you have an outlook that can see how to rise above a karmic pattern that previously held you back. A feeling of rebirth and renewed energy opens the door to the harmony you seek. Staying flexible in your thinking keeps old past life patterns from interfering with your happiness. Keep positive thinking nearby and you never have to worry about any negative past life influences being part of your life.

Aquarius: The Individualist (1/20-2/18): If you were born under the air sign Aquarius, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives by being willing to allow your intuition to guide that powerful mental side of you. If you don't resist change, you are less likely to fall back into past life patterns that did not serve you well. You are restless to move toward your future goals because that does come naturally to your way of thinking. If you are willing to listen to the insights of others your road to harmony becomes a reality. You have an inventive mind that can help you to rise above karmic challenges. It is important to stay in the company of positive thinking friends and loved ones. Learning from the past in this lifetime keeps past life karmic influences easier to tune into. You cherish freedom and when you support the unique goals of others it has a healing impact on your own life.

Pisces: The Dreamer (2/19-3/20): If you were born under the water sign Pisces, there is a magical inner power to heal any karmic wounds from previous lives through your strong intuitive ability to turn a negative impulse into a positive one. Your belief system helps you rise above any past life influence that you no longer need. It is your idealism that often guides you through times of adversity. When you stay grounded, your determination to stay away from negative thinking is stronger. Finding ways to tune into your emotions and inner clarity keeps your vision of the past, present, and future clear. Your belief in others inspires their self-confidence. Keeping your boundaries clearly defined in relationships prevents the likelihood of a karmic pattern from surfacing. When your expectations of yourself and those you care about are reasonable, it offers you a wonderful healing energy.

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