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3 Ways Angel Numbers Are Sending You a Message

Angel Numbers

If you have stumbled across this article, there's a good chance you have an interest in learning more about angel numbers. You may have heard about them in casual conversation or even on social media. Perhaps you have even seen them but you want to know specifically how to decode the messages they send. You may also be interested in learning how you can incorporate the angel number system into your daily life. In this article I'm going to walk you through three different types of numbers that can, and do, show up in your everyday life. I will tell you a little about what these numbers mean and how you can make sense of them. I should preface this by saying that you will need a copy of The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers to help you in the decoding process.

Let's dive in, shall we?!

1: Stalker Numbers
Now, this may not be what they're called anywhere else, but this is what I call them. And honestly, this is pretty much how these numbers behave. You seriously feel like they are stalking you. These numbers just will not leave you alone. You see them in your dreams. You see them on social media. Everywhere you go, this particular number just keeps flashing in your face!

Stalker numbers usually pop up when we have a specific message, lesson, or healing to move through. Generally speaking, we tend not to see them again once we have resolved, cleared, healed, or learned the message. You see, for the most part, humans aren't really looking to be spoken to by angels. The average person does not set out in the morning thinking that angels will be stopping by to impart important information. Even though this is exactly what the angels are doing. Every second of every day. This is why we have Stalker Numbers.

Stalker Numbers are generally 3 to 4 repeating numbers or a 3- or 4-digit number combination that, well, stalks you. This number combination is how your angels are speaking to you. It is their way of letting you know that something important has come to their attention and they would like for you to attend to it. Most people will be unaware of these numbers. Or simply write it off as coincidence. But not you. You know it's the angels. And now that you are armed with your very own copy of my new book, you know exactly how to decode those pesky Stalker Numbers.

2: Numbers Everywhere
Have you ever had one of those days where everywhere you go repeating numbers just seem to follow? You get up in the morning and you see 555. You stop at a traffic light and the car in front of you has 333 on its licence plate. Then you go and get your morning coffee and, sure enough, the receipt is 111! Everywhere you go throughout your day, repeating numbers are bombarding you. I know you have had one of these days. We all have. Yet what does it all mean?

I want you to think of these numbers as if they are each giving you a sentence in a paragraph to a larger message.

As you move through your day, record the numbers you see, in order. Start with the first repeating number, then the second, then third, and so on, until you have them all written down. Now, pick up your copy of The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers. Flip through the book and find out which angel those numbers belong to.

Next, write down a quick summary of the message. Then move on to the next number and the one after that until you have a line or two from each number. You see, the numbers that popped up throughout the day are telling you a bigger, more complex message, one that no single number could convey. There is no doubt that this sort of message is a little more complicated to decode, but I guarantee it will be worth the effort to see what the angels are telling you.

3: Protection Numbers
These numbers are a little different than the numbers we've talked about throughout this article. Protection Numbers tend to stay with you for your entire incarnation. Oftentimes these are connected to either your birth angel, which you can discover in the book, or connected to your main archangel.

These numbers tend to show up on legal contracts, as well as on your mortgage payment, rent payments, apartment numbers, and even on your license plate. Protection numbers show up anywhere your main Angel wants to let you know that they are watching over you. This is their way of letting you know they have your back and are looking out for you.

Protection numbers don't pop up very often, only when you need this level of reassurance. Even if you have never noticed them before, they are still there to let you know the angels are near. Perhaps when you go back over all your important numbers you will start to see a pattern. This pattern will let you know who your protection angel or angels are. Maybe this is the first time you have come in contact with this angel. Perhaps you have always suspected this particular angel had your back.

My wife and I first became aware of these protection numbers and their importance in 2006. Every document we signed seemed to have repeating 3s and 7s. These numbers are connected to our numerological charts, as well. Over the years, we started to notice just when and where these numbers showed up, and knew that if they were present all was well. Our personal protection numbers allow us to worry less and trust more.

I hope you enjoyed this article and liked learning about three more different ways that angel numbers can and do show up in your daily experience. I encourage you to go deeper with these numbers and work with my new book, The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers. I also hope you will consider being more open and allow the angels to communicate with you freely through this number system. It might take a little while for you to figure out all the different codes, but you've got the book to guide you.

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