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Have You Lived in Ancient Lands or Other Worlds in Past Lives?

Old Watches and Time Concept

Have you ever experienced a past life regression? During guided imagery, people recall lives lived prior to their current life experience. Some of the memories that emerge are fairly recent—a hundred or two hundred years ago—but many come from times of antiquity. Let's explore some of the more common places where people say they lived in ancient times.

  1. Ancient Europe: England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland are most popular, while others say they lived in what is now modern-day Italy. Still yet, others cite Europe but cannot directly say where exactly the place was where they lived. This may be happening because Europe closely aligns with our western culture, so bringing up these memories are more familiar in some ways than other locations. Druidry and herbalism are common themes, as people find ties to their current quest for alternative healing methods originated in these early times.

  2. Egypt: Perhaps because I've written books about ancient Egypt, I seem to find many reincarnated Egyptians. With the spectacular architecture, jewel-encrusted coffins, and rich pantheons of fascinating gods and goddesses, it's no wonder that the entire world is obsessed with the Egyptian culture and find themselves recounting past lives there. Whether they're artisans, peasants, priests, or priestesses, Egypt is a popular locale.

  3. Greece: As one of the most influential cultures to shape our modern civilization, many people find themselves in prior lifetimes in the incredible settings of Greece in times of antiquity. Many former politicians experience themselves arguing a political point with other senators, some claim to have lived more scholarly past lives as part of one of the many mystery schools of the day, while some claim to know some of the great thinkers of those early times.

  4. Rome: The past few years, I've uncovered more people with prior lifetimes in ancient Rome. Soldiers, citizens, spectators of the brutality of the Colosseum, patrons of the bathhouses, or politicians, there's no shortage of reincarnated Romans who have apparently incarnated here at this time in history.

  5. Asia: Attractions to the rich cultures of Asia, whether it's the Great Wall of China, Japanese temples, or the Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas, many folks on the spiritual path recall past lives in Asian settings and find that they are attracted to the culture in their current lifetime because the soul is recalling their former experiences.

  6. Mesopotamia: Another place that is coming up more lately is the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia. The early lives in the area of what is now the modern-day Middle East are emerging more than ever.

  7. Hunter-Gatherer Societies: Speaking of Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent area, you may also find yourself in a time far earlier than the early agricultural communities. Several people recall their lives in incredibly difficult conditions as part of the earliest peoples on earth. In these recollections, people sometimes find themselves at a quite literal loss for words. Why? Because they didn't have language in these early times.

  8. Other Worlds: Others experience themselves in a place far, far away from planet earth experiencing other dimensions of life as other beings, many of whom are far more sophisticated and advanced than us humans.

How and Why Our Memories Emerge
While the typical and traditional way of recalling past lives is by going through a past-life regression via hypnosis or guided imagery, there's another way for you to identify your prior incarnations. Notice what seems either highly interesting or incredibly repulsive to you. You can do that right now. Glance at the list above and notice how you feel as you consider each place on my list. By noting these highs and lows, you can start to consciously notice what areas you have more energy around and then use a guided imagery regression such as the ones in my books to take you further into the memories of places where you feel drawn to explore.

I've identified a phenomenon called Supretrovie, an externally induced past life memory that emerges from stimuli from our outer world. Something triggers these memories to emerge on their own at times. One reason why the Mesopotamian memories or those of the ancient Roman Empire seem to be coming up more is that there are now so many new programs being done about these areas. Supretrovie often happens from simply engaging in video content and this opens the door to the soul knowing of where we've been before.

Past Informing Our Future
The gift of exploring our past lives comes in the soul learning, lessons, and gifts that we received along the way after potentially thousands of years of experiencing ourselves in a physical form, whether that is on this planet or any other. The soul goes through trials, tribulations, and triumphs and by so doing, we learn and grow along the way. When we gaze into these experiences from the deep past, what souls usually find is that the theme or common learnings of different places and experiences are similar or the same. We're always learning about love, about forgiveness, about community, and these learnings show up in different places with the common themes of learning to love each other and become one with the all that is by going through things.

The main benefit from this kind of exploration is to come to greater peace about the difficulties we face in our current lives and to gain perspective on the gifts of love and learning that our challenges can give us over time. Learning from our past, gaining perspective, and experiencing greater peace and happiness in our current life situation is what I love about the modality of past-life regression.

In my book Past Lives in Ancient Lands & Other Worlds, you will read about many other people who experienced themselves in the places listed above, and more, and you can experience guided imagery to take you into those places where your soul lived in times of antiquity, or on other dimensional realms. The journey is sure to be out of this world and wildly informative to give you helpful information on your life path. Give it a try, and above all, enjoy the journey!

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