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How to Sense and Communicate with Your Guardian Angel

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Three thousand years ago, followers of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster believed they had protective beings known as fravashis who protected and helped them. Fravashis are the first recorded instances of guardian angels, the special angels who guide people from the moment they're born until the very end of their lives. Some people believe that guardian angels start looking after their charges from the moment of conception. Over thousands of years, belief in guardian angels has continued to grow, and people all around the world have gained comfort knowing that they are protected and guided by their own personal angel. This belief is as strong today as it ever has been. Guardian angels provide companionship, guidance, protection, and, in the Christian tradition, help their charges' souls achieve salvation.

Although everyone has a guardian angel, most people go through life without ever experiencing their angel's presence. Almost certainly, they will have experienced thoughts that appear to come from an unknown source telling them not to do something, or to be careful about trusting someone. However, it wouldn't have occurred to them that these messages may well have come from their guardian angels. Fortunately, it's not difficult to experience your guardian angel. Here are seven methods that have helped many people become aware of their guardian angel’s presence:

  1. The first method is a sense of knowing that your guardian angel is with you and will keep you safe. It's a sudden, often unexpected, sense of well-being and security. It usually occurs when you're feeling nervous, or are unsure of what to do next. Knowing that your guardian angel is with you eliminates all doubts and fears, and provides confidence and comfort.
  2. You can ask your guardian angel to speak to you in your dreams. This can occur randomly from time to time, but you can encourage the process by talking to your guardian angel before falling asleep. Tell your guardian angel that you want to make contact, and would love to receive a message in your dreams. Silently repeat the words: "Soon my guardian angel will appear in my dreams," until you fall asleep. When you wake up in the morning, lie still for a few minutes and try to recapture any memories you have of your dreams. Record them in a dream diary. I write them down, but you can record them in any way you wish. Over a period of time, you'll gain a great deal of insight into your life, and you'll also record, sometimes unknowingly, messages you receive from your guardian angel.
  3. Your guardian angel will often communicate with you using your thoughts and feelings. Naturally, most of your thoughts and feelings don't come from your angel, but every now and again you'll have an inspiration that comes from an unexplained source. Many creative people believe that these messages, as well as intuitive hunches, come from their guardian angels.
  4. If you pray regularly, you can ask the divine to help you make contact with your guardian angel. All you need do is to pray in your normal manner, and in the course of your prayer say how much you want to communicate with your guardian angel, as you want to develop spiritually and intuitively.
  5. Over the years, I've found that coincidences, synchronicities, and serendipities can sometimes be arranged by my guardian angel. On a number of occasions, I've apparently accidentally dropped a book on the floor, and then found it was lying open at the exact page that contained the information I was looking for. Whenever you experience a coincidence, synchronicity, or serendipity, pause for a moment to see if your guardian angel is behind what has happened. Of course, coincidences are often random acts, but if they happen at the right moment, your guardian angel may be responsible.
  6. An effective way to experience your guardian angel is to simply accept that your angel is constantly with you and is keen to help. Talk to your angel as if you were talking to a close friend, and ask for whatever you need. Once you've made your request, remain confident that your guardian angel will work on making it happen. The solution is unlikely to land in your lap, but you'll find opportunities will open up that enable you to achieve whatever it is you've asked for.
  7. Another method is to draw pictures of angels. Fortunately, you need no artistic skill for this, as no one, apart from you and the angels, will see what you’ve created. All you need is a bit of time, some privacy, and a selection of different-colored pencils or markers. When you concentrate on drawing angels, you'll attract your guardian angel's attention, and you may find that your angel will help you improve the quality of your work.

Once you've experienced your guardian angel, the next step is to start communicating. This may happen naturally while you're working on experiencing your angel. Here are four methods to help you communicate with your angel.

  1. Talk to your guardian angel. As your angel is always with you, you can do this whenever you wish. Talk frequently, and tell your angel whatever is on your mind. I usually do this when I'm outdoors enjoying a walk. Most of the time I talk silently, but if I know I'm alone I prefer to talk out loud. If you do this regularly, it won't take long for your guardian angel to respond. Once this happens, you'll be able to enjoy instant contact with your angel whenever you wish.
  2. Write a friendly letter to your guardian angel. Make it chatty, as if you were writing to your best friend. Write about your concerns and difficulties, but make sure to include information about what's happening in your life. Include some of your hopes and dreams, as well as some of the things for which you're grateful. Express your love and thanks to your guardian angel, and sign the letter. Place it in an envelope and address it to your guardian angel. Burn the letter, preferably outside, and watch the smoke carry your letter to your guardian angel. You'll receive a quick response, probably as thoughts in your mind.
  3. Lie flat on your back on the floor, close your eyes, and take several slow deep breaths. (I lie on the floor, as I fall asleep whenever I attempt this exercise in bed.) Mentally scan your body, and focus on any areas that feel tense, willing them to relax. When you feel completely relaxed, visualize the most beautiful and restful place you can possibly imagine. It makes no difference if it's a real place, or an imaginary place you've created in your mind. Picture yourself inside this calm and peaceful scene, and know that your guardian angel is with you. Say hello to your guardian angel, and wait for a response. It can come in a variety of ways. You may hear words in your mind, a sense of knowing your angel is with you, or perhaps your guardian angel appearing in the scene you're visualizing. Even if you receive no immediate response, continue talking for as long as you wish, knowing that your guardian angel will hear every word.
  4. Create a sacred place in your home. This can be indoors or out. It would be wonderful to have a designated place in your home that could be used solely for this purpose. It's more likely, though, that you'll have to use a shelf or small table to act as an altar. Decorate it with an attractive cloth and place on it anything that reminds you of spirituality and the angelic realms. A few crystals, candles, or small ornaments are good examples. Spend time in your sacred space regularly. Talk to your guardian angel, and remain alert for a reply.

Some people communicate with their guardian angel with little effort, while others struggle to make contact. If you've shown no interest in the angelic realms until now, your guardian angel might be testing you to see if your interest is genuine. Keep talking to your angel, and remain positively expectant. Pay particular attention to your thoughts, intuitions, and dreams, as these are the ways your guardian angel communicates most frequently. Your guardian angel knows your desire to communicate and will respond when the time is right.

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