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Companions in Magick

By: Silver RavenWolf
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9781567187243
English  |  360 pages | 7 x 10 x 1 IN
7"x10", illus., bibliog., index
Pub Date: September 2002
Price: $17.95 US,  $20.95 CAN
$12.57 US,  $14.67 CAN On Sale!
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Angels, by Silver RavenWolf, is simply the most complete book on these celestial beings from a magickal perspective that has ever been written. It is an upbeat, engaging look at the nature of angels and the creative techniques you can use to work magick with them every day.

Need help with your self image?  Have money problems? Looking for insight into your life and the universe?  There is no problem that is too large or too small for an angel. They are universal guides, helpers, and friends just waiting for you to call on them for assistance.

Every unique magickal application described here is based on proven methods. Some of these techniques are simple and fun, such as writing an "angel want ad" or invoking your own guardian angel. Others, such as creating angel sigils, are advanced, powerful ways of working angel magick. All of these techniques are practical and effective.

RavenWolf uses information from a variety of sources. You will find information on how to set up a magickal altar dedicated to working with the angels. You'll learn about the hierarchy of the angels and the queen of angels. Also covered are angels and correspondences so you can include the proper ones in your ritual design and magickal practices.

The book includes information on asking angels to help you with meditation and ritual, and how to contact angels in conjunction with the magical elements. You'll discover the secrets of the angels of the zodiac and planets. You'll also see how to call upon angels when doing divinations with tools such as runes and Tarot cards.

The book includes full instructions on how to make and use the angelic rosary. Also included are spells that ask angels to help bring love into your life, aid in the dissolution of a partnership, calm a screaming person, catch criminals, and get over an unrequited love. You'll learn about the angel egg charm, the guardian angel basket, and the angelic cauldron. You'll discover how the angels can help you study or communicate with deceased loved ones.

One of the most interesting sections in this book discusses how to work with angels when designing sigils and talismans. This is virtually a complete course in symbolism and magick! The book explains how to make sigils from letters of words that are pushed together to form symbols, how to make pictorial sigils and how to use the Hermetic Rose of the Golden Dawn to design sigils. You'll learn the angelic alphabet and see sample talismans for such things as eloquence, health, planetary and asteroid energies, the angelic sigil wheel, and more.

Angels shares Silver RavenWolf's personal experiences on working magick with angels. She provides imaginative, down-to-earth directions for working angel magick of your own. In fact, what she presents here can be used in virtually any spiritual or religious tradition. That means no matter what beliefs you follow, you will be able to use this book.

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