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Good Fortune of Your Own Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

Aloe vera is thought by the people of Africa to bring good luck to those who possess it. As luck may have it, today is also the day the ancient Romans celebrated the Festival for Good Luck to honor the goddess Fortuna. To create some good fortune of your own on this auspicious day, place an aloe vera plant on your altar. Place pieces of agate in various places around the aloe plant, and place a yellow candle in front of the plant. Inscribe the words "To bring good luck" on the candle, and repeat the following verse while lighting the candle:

My home is a garden,
Surrounded by a wall of luck,
And made on peculiar ground.
This is a spot enclosed by grace,
Out of the reach of the world's negativity
And surrounded by
fortune's flame.

Allow the candle to burn in a safe place until it extinguishes itself.

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