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Thanksgiving Blessing

Color of the day:  Violet
Incense of the day:  Dill

Today, of course, is a day to give thanks. Light candles in white or harvest colors, and place them in front of you. Also surround yourself with images of things you are thankful for. Speak this blessing:

Thank you, Earth,
For your abundant bounty.
I gratefully receive your gifts and blessings.
For the air I breathe,
I thank the plants and trees.
The air, the fire,
The water, and the earth.
Thank you for sustaining my life
And nourishing me.
For the blessings of loved ones, who help me along life's path.
I am thankful.
My life is full to overflowing
with gifts of ancestors.
Courageous souls who
And made my life possible.
Thank you great spirits of the cosmos,
for the lessons I sometimes try to avoid,
But which I need.
And for the joys and pains which open my spirit and expand my heart.
I am grateful for health, abundance, and challenges, each unique.
Thank you all who have touched my life's journey.
Each new day is a gift,
To which I pledge the best of myself.
For the blessings of life's great circle continue in me.
From the cave to the stars,
I have always been and will always be.
I am rich in the things that matter.
With my deepest gratitude,
I offer my blessings to all on this day.

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