Christmas Magic Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

Today is a day for candles, white red, and green surrounded by tiny personal treasures that make you smile. This spell is for spreading magic:

Sparking lights and baubles bright,
Hold the magic
on this night.
Hold the magic on the morrow,
May we never feel true sorrow.
Spin the magic and let it glow,
Let your Christmas cheer grow.
Kindness spread from heart to heart,
Making living a sharing art.
Strangers reaching and forming bonds,
That touches the heart and beyond.
Angels and spirits laugh in joy
to see a child smile with a toy.
Looking around, I do see, Lives I touch and bless with glee.
Giving time can grow my soul,
Being more human is my goal.
We are messengers of the light,
We each bring spirit this day and night.
Christmas cheer is alive in me,
I find its miracles in all I see.
A blessing in the world,
So mote it be.

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