Review Your Goals Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sage
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Sage

Today is an excellent day to review your goals. Rate your current goals on a scale from one to five. A five means: "yes, absolutely; I want this." Whereas, a one is something you are very ambivalent about. Ask yourself once you have rated your various goals: Does this contribute to my personal evolution? Does it benefit my family, my community, and my world? Does it excite me and create an energy all its own? Adjust the scores on each of your individual goals according to how you respond to the questions. In the upcoming weeks, consult your goals sheet often.

Rate your progress on each goal, and adjust your score as you realize that some goals are more easily attained, and others elusive. Ask youself questions such as: How much active time do you spend on this goal each day? How much time do you think about it? How much stress, or joy, does your struggle to attain it create for you? This will give you insight about what you truly desire, and about the best way for you to make a plan to accomplish your goals. Those goals that rate highest consistently through the months are most likely the goals that are most important and most beneficial to you.
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