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Day of Unity Ritual

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Jasmine
Color of the day: Brown
Incense of the day: Jasmine

Three times the wheel of the year has turned since America was attacked by terrorists. Three times the snows have fallen, and three times the flowers have bloomed. Three is a significant number, for it is the number of unity-the result of the union between the male and female forces. It is a healing number, combining body, mind, and, of course, spirit. As we observe the third anniversary of this day, we can unite and complete the healing process. A tragedy of this magnitude should never be forgotten. But, it is now history and history can never be undone. Let us focus our healing energies on preventing a tragedy like this from occurring again. The key lies in affirming that we stand united in confronting prejudice and hatred. To do so, join me in performing this Unity Ritual. On your altar light one tall light blue candle. From this ritual candle flame, light seven white votive candles, representing the world's continents. Stand before them and say:

Together we may be different, but as one we are united. Together we celebrate our differences for they make us special and unique. Never again will our differences create fear, prejudice, or hatred.

Take time to meditate as the candles burn down.
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