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Clean Your Well Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Cedar
Color of the day: Yellow
Incense of the day: Cedar

Today, in many parts of Europe, Holy Wells Day is celebrated. This festival is dedicated to Ceadda, the Nordic goddess of holy wells and healing springs. Traditionally, on this day wells were cleaned. It would be unrealistic to expect you to find a well and stand neck-deep in muck and water, as was done in pre-Christian times, just for this quick meditation ritual. Instead, why not celebrate this festival with a contemporary approach? Dedicate this day to honoring your creative life force. Make an offering of flowers on your altar. Undertake a symbolic cleansing. If you live near mineral springs, wash your face and hands in the water. Take a drink of invigorating mineral water, and continue to drink it throughout the day. In the morning, state this affirmation:

Beginning today, I will nurture my life force by drinking clean water to maintain a healthy body.
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