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Bedroom Spell for Restful Sleep

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Peony
Color of the day: Gray
Incense of the day: Peony

To bring restful energies to your bedroom, begin with a good practical cleaning. Vacuum or sweep, dust all surfaces, make the bed up with clean linens. Open any windows, and allow all negative energy to be dispelled. Burn sage in the room, and ring a bell nine times. Light candles, and assemble a talisman using a quartz, moonstone, amethyst, and a small seashell wrapped up in a piece of white fabric. Sprinkle with dried rosemary, chamomile, anise, lavender, and elder-berries. Add a drop of real aloe gel and three drops of pure water, chanting:

Power of the silver Moon, bless this room.
Bring restful sleep,
Safe and sound.
This promise keep.

Place the bundle under the mattress. Burn sandalwood incense visualizing peace and harmony in the room.
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