The Good Luck You Need Spell

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Nutmeg
Color of the day: Rose
Incense of the day: Nutmeg

Try a different kind of love spell suited to the autumn season today. This one was a traditional form of divination in Europe and colonial America. It is especially good for those seeking a lover. You will need an apple and a sharp paring knife. Light some candles to create a calm atmosphere. Sit at a table and breathe deeply, meditating on the qualities you wish to find in your new lover. Then peel the apple, but do so very slowly and carefully so that it comes off in one long unbroken peel. Then, stand up and carefully toss the peel over your shoulder behind you so that it lands on the floor. The peel will fall into the shape of the first initial of the first or last name of your new love.
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