Full Flavor Goals Spell

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Neroli
Color of the day: Topaz
Incense of the day: Neroli

During a mead-tasting contest, I recently learned that the full-flavored meads were called "nice," and the meads that didn't achieve full flavor were called "not quite." With those terms in mind, how would
you define the final flavor of your goals for yourself? Are they turning out "nice," or are they leaning toward "not quite"? Burn incense attuned to your goal on a charcoal block. Write your goal on paper. Visualize your goal. Visualize the obstacles that have been in your way. Write each obstacle on a small strip of paper. Focus on actions and thoughts that will help you overcome the obstacles and write these on the paper with your goal. Visualize the obstacle disappearing as you burn the "obstacle strip" on the charcoal. Repeat with each obstacle. Acting on your goals can now be your recipe for achieving goals that are "full-flavor nice."
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