Let No Evil In Spell

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Gardenia
Color of the day: Scarlet
Incense of the day: Gardenia

The long nights of winter provide ample opportunity for mischievous spirits. If you find yourself bothered, fear not! Tradition also provides a means of guarding your home through the night. Start by obtaining a handful of whole mustard seed at a health food store or in your supermarket spice aisle. Pour it into a bowl on your altar to charge overnight. The next night, sprinkle the mustard outside the door to your home, saying:

Mustard hot and mustard hard,
By my home stand watch and guard.
Bar the door with discipline;
Guard! and let no evil in.

All malicious entities will be bound to stop and count each tiny seed before they can go another step. They will still be stuck outside your door at dawn, when the Sun will banish or destroy them.
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