Banish Baggage Spell

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Rose
Color of the day: Rose
Incense of the day: Rose

Banish old, negative baggage from your life and make yourself more receptive to love. For this spell, dress up a bit. Set your table with a treat you enjoy. Add some red candles, a red rose, a heat-resistant bowl with water, and paper and pen. Settling yourself at the table, light the candles. Now, write down all the obstacles you put up to keep yourself from love: such as self-doubt, feelings of unworthiness, and so on. When finished, light the paper from a candle. Let the paper burn a bit and then drop it in water to extinguish the flame. Enjoy your treat and leave the rose where you can enjoy it, using it as a reminder of the negative energies you have banished from your life. You are now ready for love to come to you.
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