Threshold Protection Spell

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Maple
Color of the day: Ivory
Incense of the day: Maple

The noble herbs goldenrod and yarrow should be combined to protect your entryway from negativity. Gather three sprigs of goldenrod and yarrow. Hang them together and let them dry. This should take just a few days, as they dry quickly. Then obtain a small grapevine wreath from a craft store. Insert the stems of your herbs around the wreath. Fill the spaces with other herbs such as dried lady's mantle and thyme. These will create loving vibrations. Pass your power hand above the wreath three times, and charge it with these words:

Herbs of Venus,
Herbs of love,
Protect this threshold And those who live here.

Hang the wreath on your porch or other protected area, where it will remind you of summer.
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