Moon Bath Ritual

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Chrysanthemum
Color of the day: Silver
Incense of the day: Chrysanthemum

Imagine you are lying down in an empty pool or tub outside on a clear, moonlit night. Or, if you can actually go out in the moonlight for this visualization, it will be even more powerful. Start by feeling the coolness of the Moon on your body and its light on your closed eyelids. Imagine moonbeams pouring down over you, bathing your body and spirit in cool light. The light fills the pool, covering you completely. It sinks in through your pores, your eyes, your mouth. The light relaxes your body and mind as it washes away all tension, illness, stress, or discomfort. Visualize these spiraling away from you as they wash away down the drain. As you rise from the bath, the light lingers in your skin and hair. You will carry this cool, relaxing experience with you throughout the week.
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