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Bring in the New Spell

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Poplar
Color of the Day: Orange
Incense of the Day: Poplar

Invite your family and close friends for a late night feast tonight. Have everybody bring a worn item of clothing. Make a scarecrow by stuffing the clothing with pieces of paper on which each person at the party has written old habits or sad memories they wish to rid themselves of. In some cultures, people add a few firecrackers to add more excitement to the spell. Carry the scarecrow out of doors and burn it. Visualize the old habits and memories going up in smoke. At the stroke of midnight, eat twelve grapes to symbolize the twelve months of the new year, then make twelve wishes. When this is done, the youngest person at the party should stand in the front door and ring in the new year, and the oldest person in the group should stand at the back door and ring out the old year.
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