Bad Habits Fire Spell

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Coriander

The January waning Moon is an excellent time to rid yourself of bad habits. Use this day, the festival of the Buddhist fire god Betoro Bromo, to transform your bad habits into more positive practices.

Center a red candle in a cauldron filled one-quarter full of sand. Gather objects that represent your bad habits, or if that's not possible, write them on slips of paper. Prepare an offering to the gods of fire. Basil, clove, or frankincense are excellent choices as these are herbs used in exorcisms and are aligned with fire energies.

Light the candle, and as you gaze at the flame let the mundane slip from your thoughts. Begin by sprinkling your herbal offering into the flame. Ask the fire gods to assist you in your spell. Hold the objects that represent your bad habits in your passive hand. Thank them for serving you. Kiss them and release them into the flame.

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